Norway: twin blasts rock Oslo, 2 dead (BREAKING) [UPD]

From BBC:

If the bomb blast in Oslo turns out to be a terror attack, it will mark a 9/11 moment for Norway.

Like the US before the attacks in New York and Washington a decade ago, Norway has never previously been subjected to serious terrorist attacks.

This is not because the country has been particularly good at protecting itself; rather, it is because it has stayed away from international conflict (no, it is rather because they have been VERY complacent with Islamism…).

Though a long-standing Nato member, Norway has only recently increased its involvement in military missions in countries such as Afghanistan or Libya.

Consequently, its foreign policy has not made the country many enemies, with Norwegian diplomats often citing the country’s commercial whaling as the most controversial issue they have to deal with.


Militants staged twin bomb and shooting attacks against Norway’s government Friday, as a deadly explosion ripped through ministry buildings and a gunman opened fire at a meeting of the ruling party.

A police spokesman said a “bomb” was behind an explosion by the government headquarters in Oslo, which Norwegian media said left at least two people dead.

“A powerful explosion has taken place in the government quarter,” Norwegian police said in a statement, though Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg was safe.

UPDATE: Claim of Responsibility? Will McCants at Jihadica found a claim of responsibility online in Arabic. Below is a very rough translation from Google Translate:

Praise be to God Nasser slaves combined and humiliating the people of shirk and kufr companions, prayer and peace upon our Prophet Muhammad, the Seal of the Prophets, his family and companions and after
The Almighty said: (then fight for God but do not cost yourself and rouse the believers may be that Allah keeps those who disbelieve and Allah is more powerful and in punishment) [women: 84]
Here have reached the countries of Europe is another message from the militants and further proof of the countries of Europe that the Mujahideen will not stand idly towards their war against Islam and Muslims.
Today has been targeting Norway to be a lesson and a lesson to the rest of Europe has already threatened us since the invasion of Stockholm more operations has asked European countries to withdraw their armies from the land of Afghanistan and stop its war against Islam and Muslims, and we repeat our warning again to the countries of Europe and tell them carried out the demands of the mujahideen, what you see is only the beginning and the next more.
The reasons for the targeting of Norway there are many of the most important of their participation in the occupation of Afghanistan and the abuse of our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
Praise God that enabled slaves to the combined .. and pray to God to save our brothers and our fighters everywhere.
Glory and praise God I bear witness that no god but You Astgrk and I repent to you.

Abu Suleiman Al-Nasser
Ansar al-Jihad of the world


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