France: Socialist pre-candidate Martine Aubry versus Caroline Fourest

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Caroline Fourest (ndmg – which is not, at all, a woman on the right) confirmed that Jean-Louis Brochen was the advocate of “Meeting and Dialogue”, which is not for her an “insignificant choice” and said of the association as its principal activity is to disseminate propaganda of sexist and homophobic preachers, who are deniers close to the Muslim Brotherhood. With the blessing of the Green Party of Roubaix, where there are activists of the followers of this school of thought. Caroline Fourest recalls that Jean-Louis Brochen “has been the advocate of Islamists in other cases: a young fanatic who participated in the gang of Roubaix and a case of veiled girls at risk of exclusion from the Lycée Faidherbe in Lille 1994 “.

Caroline Fourest reminds us that in September 2010, Jean-Louis Brochen “sent her a letter requesting to correct the passage from the book about him”. She refused to do that, “because the facts are sadly true.” Caroline Fourest “remains convinced that the choice of lawyers would have no meaning if it does not emphasize the ambiguity of a certain politician in the North.” Caroline Fourest confirms the “encounters” by Martine Aubry, “with Amar Lasfar, the imam of Lille, which represents the UOIF in the North.”

Caroline Fourest confirms that Martine Aubry “has clearly supported the opening of Lycée Averroes, despite being a high school run by the fundamentalist UOIF and Amar Lasfar”. The latter published a statement in which he wrote: “Without the support of Madame Martine AUBRY Mayor of Lille, the school AVERROES would not opened in September 2003.” Caroline Fourest teaches us more than “in this school, you get Iquioussen Hassan, the man who believes that Hamas, with its armed wing, did a good job. “(Cécilia Gabizon in Le Figaro on October 28, 2004).

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Of course, Martine Aubry is not happy about “far-right and Zionists” denouncing this “closeness” of her husband to Islamist extremers. The bad news are that Caroline Fourest is a left-wing feminist who denounces Islamic treatment of women.

More about Jean-Louis Brochen (FR).


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