Germany: Muslims call for imams in the military

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Two of the main umbrella groups representing Germany’s estimated 4.3 million Muslims said in remarks published Wednesday that such a move would be a good step forward for integration.

“That would have a great significance for integration,” the chairman of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, Aiman Mazyek, told the online news portal,

While Protestants and Catholics have about 90 priests each providing spiritual support to soldiers, there is no Muslim imam or counsellor, even though there are about 1,200 Muslims serving in the Bundeswehr, according to website.

via Muslims call for imams in the German military – The Local.

Pravda writes:

Germany’s population is declining, and the losses are replenished by immigrants, largely Muslim. The country has already addressed the topic of introducing regimental mullahs in the German Army. There are some ethnic Turks among the leading politicians of Germany.

Federal Statistical Office of Germany has released a regular data on changes in the population size. It was discovered that in 2010 Germany lost 51 thousand people. In the past couple of years the decline was even more pronounced. The statistics was corrected by reducing the number of those leaving the country for permanent residence and immigrants. There were 798,000 of the latter, 77 thousand more than in 2009. A significant proportion of new arrivals are from Muslim countries.

Meanwhile, representatives of Islamic associations in Germany once again reminded of themselves by a radical proposal to introduce the position of regimental mullahs in the country’s army. “It would be of great importance for the integration process,” considers the head of the Central Council of Muslims of Germany Ayman Maziek. According to him, the army today has 90 Catholic and Protestant chaplains, but there are no mullahs yet.

According to the official data, there are approximately 1,200 Muslims in Bundeswehr, but Islamic groups say that this number is significantly understated. They warn that in the future the number of Muslims in the ranks of the German Army will only grow, and in such circumstances, the regimental mullahs may be indispensable to the commanders in settling any conflicts between members of different confessions.


5 comments on “Germany: Muslims call for imams in the military

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  2. K. aka Kel says:

    Good grief… Islamists *have* to be omitted from military service in the West. Did we not learn from Fort Hood? (USA) This is nauseating.

    (BTW – I love the new lay-out. You have an excellent Wed-Master!)

    • Claudia says:

      I agree. Spain has also a problem with Muslim soldiers, specially in Melilla and Ceuta.

      (Thanks, but it’s me. I have no “web-master”….).

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