Spain: “the symbol of the European liberation by Islamic revolution”

Islamist/Islamic propaganda at its best:

Western Political correctness refers to them as “extremists.” But their statements and points of view can only be considered as “extremist” because of their extreme brutality. Lately some of the higher clergymen of Iran express themselves in a more “Quranic” way than ever. And show a striking setting with Spain, but not, as usual, with Spanish Al Andalus, but with nowaday’s Spain, which, in their eyes, is a kind of helpless orphan abandoned to their fate in the infidel lands being harassed by “the more arrogant powers” in the world.

A few weeks ago, during the full swing of the so-called ‘Movement 15-M’, Iran was swarmed by statements of high officials of the regime, linking the protests in Spain with the “waves of freedom brought by Islam to the Iberian peninsula for centuries“. A brigadier general stated to a semi-official Iranian agency, that “the Spanish release” was just one example of the “pursuit of freedom” by the Europeans, “a freedom like the one, coincidentally, brought the Muslim invasion of the peninsula“.

Ali Khamenei has been the supreme leader of Ir...

Ayatollah Khamenei. Image via Wikipedia

Thus, Al Andalus is still an example for the liberation of the oppressed Europeans: “Similar to the expansion of Islam into Europe via Spain for several centuries, the growing waves of arousal appear to spread from the Middle East and North Africa to Europe across the country, where thousands of demonstrators have begun concentrations in Spain for a few days“(ND). It is, ultimately, the new European salvation that comes through the Gibraltar Strait.

The very Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei, had already spoken about the “waves of awakening” that crash not only the Arab world, but also the European democracies. Those waves are just encouraging imitations of the Iranian Islamic Revolution, a move that will reach “the very heart of Europe” and will permit the inhabitants to get rid of the “economic and cultural policies of the United States and the Zionists” (ND).

Nouri Hamedani

Nouri Hamedani (Found here).

But the obsession continues. Nouri Hamedani, famous Iranian cleric -famous above all for the extreme brutality of its religious-political approaches, has revived talk of Spain in an environment of the “Islamic awakening” in Europe today, and, especially, Spain. Grand Ayatollah Nouri Hamedani, during a meeting with Muslims in Kenya visiting Tehran, was referring to the “unity” among the Muslims as a “pillar” of a “(Global) Muslim Nation,” the Umma, that, basically, is very necessary because it is the “best” possible nation.

Hence, “the Islamic awakening has been formulated based on the arrogant powers to fight the world and this confrontation has moved to European countries like Spain and Greece“, coincidentally, both at the two ends of Europe decided to stop being Muslims. But worried how, while Greece itself is a controversial receiving assistance from the “arrogant powers,” Spain is linked to semantic set without being in the same situation of international dependency and continuing bailouts.

Nouri Hamedani himself a few days ago linked protests in Portugal, Greece and Spain with “growth revolution in Europe“, so that “we must not forget the rise of the Iranian nation and the blessing of its fruits, that is a revolution. An Islamic one, of course, that has already ‘blessed‘ Iran.

In fact, “the Islamic revolution does not only belong to the Islamic countries“, he said in another place and time, “but this covers the whole world revolution“. Therefore, there is a revolution alone, but an “Islamic revolution” that is taking “a wave of Islamic awakening in different countries like Spain, Portugal and even Italy.”

Hamedani has supported the “fighting and submission” of the Jews as a way to make room for the arrival of the “Hidden Imam”, the new / old ‘lost messiah’ in which Shiites believe. However, this man, Hamedani, raised in the love and tolerance of the Koran, has felt for a single Jew: the one who developed Facebook, an application the Iranian holy Imam has not been able to resist.

Indeed, as voiced by the Iranian clerics, Spain itself (or rather, some Spanish citizens) is playing an important role. Among others, the so-called Arab House, a Spanish public institution dedicated to an unstoppable and enthusiastic promotion of anything Islamic or Islamist, whether past or present, united to the equally torrential denigration of past or present Spain as a nation of Christian tradition.

Persistently Arab and Muslim travelers are invited by the Spanish Arabic House to check on the ground the greatness of Andalusian Islam and extreme misery and cruelty of the Spanish that expelled it from the peninsula, that is, how after the expulsion of Muslims and Jews “in the sixteenth century” (sic) (in Spain, the Jews were expelled in the fifteenth century and the “Muslim”-that is, the Moors, in the seventeenth), Spain “became an island country, homogeneous and very Catholic“. That is, of course, “despicable“, as can be read with delight at the National, an otherwise very Westernized newspaper of the United Arab Emirates. But there are things that are not westernized at all.

Muslim writers also taking part in these “tours of the Muslim heritage of Spain” felt in their articles “upset” by how “centuries of Iberian history have been rejected mainly because they were found guilty of sharing my faith“. To resolve his discomfort, this well-known lecturer of the ‘Muslim tolerance‘, went on in his article to link directly and unequivocally “Muslim Spain” with “Serbian propaganda” that led to “genocide” in Srebrenica.

After considering all this, we can better understand the closing argument on the redeeming power of Islam, though in less harsh words than those used by the famous Iranian ayatollahs. The conclusion of the Muslim writer of “modern Islam” and “common history” is the same: “Muslims should go to Europe.”

Translation from Nuevo Digital by T&P.


2 comments on “Spain: “the symbol of the European liberation by Islamic revolution”

  1. Bob Mack says:

    1,300 years of intolerance and homicide…a track record like that should have convinced even the befuddled multi-culturists of the West to lock down their borders.

    • Claudia says:

      No, it hasn’t. They consider that they are different from us, precisely because of their culture… 😦 I have heard that argument so many times now…

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