Italy: Muslim destroys the statue of the patron saint of Agrigento in Sicily

Image by eli_chan via Flickr

An immigrant from the Maghreb has entered the sanctuary of Saint Calogero and has destroyed the image of the patron saint, last July 9th.

The church was open for the 7:30 mass, when the immigrant, of North African origins, has entered and gone directly into the sacristy, where the statue of Saint Calogero was. He took it and threw it violently against the wall, destroying it completely.

A believer who was at the church had tried to arrest the immigrant, but was hurt. Four policemen were needed to control the man and then to arrest him.

Saint Calomero, a Greek saint, lived in the city in the Vth century, evangelised Sicily and is much revered in the island. He is always represented as a black man. In fact, the Agrigento’s archbishop has praised him as “an example of integration between people”.

Video (Italian):

9 comments on “Italy: Muslim destroys the statue of the patron saint of Agrigento in Sicily

  1. Peter says:

    This is the sign needed to show all Europeans that allowing these foreigners to flood into our countries and replace us, thus exterminating us, is a danger to our material and internal culture, and our very existance! We must kick these aliens out before they rape and murder more of our people. This is suicide!

  2. Claudia says:

    Not only foreigners are “a threat”. Some people that come to live among us, are no threat, much less to our “very existance”. And there are some others (last post on the subject here), who are a threat, although are “from here”…

  3. Bmonzon says:

    Hate crime. Stop Islam!!!

  4. Brian says:

    As Don Angelo Chillura said “Thank god and San Calogero that he didnt attack people”. Well, this is just the start… Look at Serbia, that was infested with these parasites from Albania. They destroyed the churches and then started attacking and mass killing the Serbs in Bosnia.The Serbs defended themselves and then were bombed by the USA. Now they lost Kosovo to the muslim savages. Persia is another good example of the religion of peace. Better wake up soon and deport these savage creatures from Europe and America before it gets to the point of open civil war or Obama will bomb you too…

    • Claudia says:

      Have you thought about the converts? Because there are some of them too, and a “tiny minority” of them supports an extremism similar to Bakri Mohammed, Abu Hamza or any other immigrant you could think about…

  5. Fred says:

    These people are not only “Fundamental”, but incredibly primitive in their actions against any higher culture or peaceful religion.Stop islamisation!

    • Claudia says:

      I only think about what would happen to a non-Muslim immigrant in any Islamic country who would do the same thing… 😦

      I agree: stop islamization.

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