Indonesia: Activists criticize ‘hate speech’ during Friday prayers

Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta, Indonesia

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Rights activists have criticized what they characterize as hate speeches delivered by Muslim leaders during Friday prayers.Chairul Anam, deputy head of the Human Rights Working Group, said the offending speech in mosques was part of a larger problem.

There are three trends nowadays; namely, intolerance, violence and hate speech. These have made us worried,” he said during a seminar yesterday organized by the Indonesian Human Rights Monitor and attended by about 50 people.

Hate speech was particularly dangerous, he said, because it is used to declare other religious groups as heretical and fueled intolerance and violence.“We need a regulation to control it.”

Anam added that police have been particularly negligent because they allow such speech during Friday prayers and have made no attempt to intervene.“I hope that police will not be trapped in any religious sentiments.”

via Activists criticize ‘hate speech’. Author – Konradus Epa, Jakarta | Indonesia |


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