Austria: Convert to Islam and would-be bomber was dissilussioned or on a jihadi mission?

He is either an idiot or a Jihadi killer. We just have to wait and see…

…it is unclear when, and, most importantly, why, Yusuf O. left Afghanistan for Austria. Apparently he planned to travel to Germany but it remains uncertain whether he had become disillusioned with the combat operation or whether he was part of a DTM operation targeting Germany.

Both scenarios are plausible. Yusuf O. was born in Germany in 1985 but had a Turkish passport. He is thought to be a key member of the DTM. His friend Fatih T. was the boss, and he appeared in videos warning about planned attacks on Germany. Investigators know from other cases that, for a while at least, Yusuf O. maintained regular online contact with German-based supporters of the terrorist group. The DTM urgently needed “ammunition and money,” he wrote in one message. Whoever couldn’t help in person, should send money, he urged.

On the other hand, it is possible that Yusuf O. became disillusioned with the battle in Hindu Kush. There have been several recent cases of Jihadists hailing from Germany who have gone this route, including a married couple from Berlin who were associated with the DTM as well as a young man from Hamburg who had been part of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan.

Evidence shows that life on the frontline is grueling and that new German recruits arrive largely unprepared for what awaits them. Statements from those arrested and other sources create a depressing impression of day-to-day life. Lack of food, poor hygiene and mistrust among co-fighters on the frontline were all routine problems, in addition to the ever-present fear of death.

via Terror Plot or Homesickness? Austria Detains Alleged Islamic Extremist – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International.

Just one question: if you’re disilussioned, do you write letters asking for “ammunition”? Because I’m sure I don’t.


3 comments on “Austria: Convert to Islam and would-be bomber was dissilussioned or on a jihadi mission?

  1. Finious says:

    If someone carries a bomb into a public place and detonates it killing themselves and a hundred people this is terrorism, but if someone drops a bomb from an aircraft flying at 35,000 feet and kills a hundred people in a village below, this is not terrorism?

    • Claudia says:

      No, that’s war and it’s slightly different. Soldiers are bound by the laws of warfare and throughout all history innocent people had been killed in wars. It’s a consequence, a very disgusting a regrettable consequence, but it’s no terrorism.
      Terrorism is a force of policy enforcement from unknown guys who are bound by no laws, so they can do whatever they want. That’s the difference: terrorists WANT to kill innocent people to impose their positions, soldiers don’t want to kill innocent people and can assure you they do whatever they can not to.
      We can speak about what wars their Governments send them to, but considering that soldiers are the same as terrorists is not only an insult for our military men and women, is falsifying reality.

  2. Claudia says:

    I hadn’t read the link you provided, but I have now. Please, next time link something interesting to read and not some conspiranoic site, which features Noam Chomsky. Someone who considers that Western countries ‘are afraid of Arab democracies’, considering that only 2 are -Turkey, despite Erdogan, and Indonesia-, should have his head examined.
    I want facts. Not some kind of theories by some guys who are millionaires, tx to the same societies they denigrate. Of course, they never try to live in one of those countries they admire so much and critisize their bad Human Rights’ records. That wouldn’t be convenient for their integrity, wouldn’ it?

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