US: “Expert” wants to substitute prison for flogging

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Of course, “it would be chosen by the punished guy”… over at Salon:

Many people will find the brutality of flogging horrifying, and some may even think it’s torture, but you argue that prison is a worse, dishonest punishment.

Flogging should horrify people. But taking away a significant chunk of someone’s life is far worse than any punishment that is virtually instantaneous. We should be honest about prison and recognize that we’re sentencing people to years of confinement and torture. But we don’t do that. We still have this hogwash about prison being good for the soul. Deep down I think we all understand that no one leaves prison in a better position than they went in.

Also, prison has physical and sexual abuse. It’s so bizarre that we’ve gotten to a point where we consider prison normal and think it’s OK to imprison 2.3 million people. The U.S. has more prisoners than China, and they have a billion more people than we do. America is running an experiment in incarceration that has never happened in the world before, and to our own detriment.

A big part of my argument rests on the idea that flogging would be a choice, not imposed, because consenting to the flog takes away much of the protest that it’s cruel and barbaric. If flogging were such a bad choice, nobody would choose it.

He is speaking about the results,the consequences of staying in prison. Of course, as anybody knows, flogging doesn’t have any physical nor psychological consequences… It was given up precisely because it was thought to be worse than imprisoning someone. Why not proposing amputating a hand or giving up a kidney, hein? We are going backwards… 🙄


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