Pakistan: 9 year-old girl kidnapped, forced to wear suicide vest

I expect the authors of this horrible deed are Taliban or people linked to them. We have to wait to have more news on this (Of course, if they are published).

Just nine years old. The suicide bomber was a young girl locked in a paramilitary checkpoint in the district of Lower Dir in northwestern Pakistan, according to the local police chief, Salim Marwat. The child had been kidnapped Saturday from the city of Peshawar and had been forced by his captors to wear a explosive vest . The little girl, named Suhana Ali, was captured not far from a checkpoint to Islam Dara, when an agent noticed an unnatural bulge on his body. An inspection has revealed that the girl was wearing an explosives vest ready to be activated.

The police operation, and the small age of the girl, were confirmed by a police officer. “Sushana – he explained – is from the Hashtnagri near Peshawar and was kidnapped by four people, both men and women. His father is disabled and poor, while the mother is a seamstress.” During the interrogation, the girl said that her kidnappers had administered sedatives. “They ordered me to push the button when switching the control post, but the police stopped me before I arrived.”



4 comments on “Pakistan: 9 year-old girl kidnapped, forced to wear suicide vest

  1. Hasan says:

    They are animals, no I am sorry they are even worst than animals.

    • Claudia says:

      I’m sorry but animals don’t do anything like this. Animals only kill for survival, this people are using an infant for killing others (and it’s not the first time either). So, no, they are despicable humans driven by what they consider that is their goal: the imposition of a Caliphate, the bigger the better. And of course “Islamic justice” (amputation, flogging, etc). For them, the means are not important, the important thing is the commitment to reaching their final goal.

      • Hasan says:

        Quite right. Caliphate! they wish… I have written a lot about these self proclaimed clerics, especially about the infamous Shariah law:

        Kindly go through my other posts regarding this issue

        • Claudia says:

          I know that you have good intentions, but I have been reading what you say about Islamophobia and I am very disappointed. Well, that’s some fairy tale. I can tell you my evolution: I was a Palestine supporter till I began reading more about Israel and how the Palestinian propaganda (specially Pallywood and their false “productions”) is treating Israelis (yeah, I know, they are Joos. How Hamas has vowed to come to conquer Spain after they finish with Israelis. How Saudi Arabia has NOT BEEN CONDEMNED ONCE in the history of the UN while Israel has been condemned 221 (a democratic country that has elections, respects its people’s Human Rights and is just fighting for survival against 200 million Arabs who have vowed more or less openly to crash Israelis and send them to the sea). How the OIC has pushed an anti-blasphemy resolution in the UN. How Islamic countries have signed the Cairo resolution to make it impossible to ensure that Human Rights on their countries are applied, if they are in conflict with Shariah Law (so you must be a representant of a very tiny minority of Muslims who consider that those punishments are not enforced by Sharia Law) . And I could go on and on and on..

          NO, there is no Islamophobia (except in very extreme guys): what there is, really, is a profound shock at the lies that once and again our MSM are telling us about “peaceful Islam”, while clerics at the mosques just read the Qu’ran, the Hadiths and the rest of the Islamic jurisprudence. Till people who say they are moderates like you, don’t try to convince their own guys that Islam is really peaceful, instead of telling the rest it is, while crying Islamophobia at anyone critisizing Islam (such as if Hindu guys don’t recognise that the chaste system is inherently bad, for example), the problem will go on and on and on.

          That shock brings rage and anger and the more you people insist on how good Islam is, the more people will just get enraged and angry about it. Just tell that to those who burn alive people in Gojra just for being Christians or kidnap Hindu and Christian girls to marry them forcefully and tell their families “it’s over: they are married and converted to Islam”. I could also go on and on and on.

          Sorry, but whitewashing the reality is something that is not very sound to do with me. I don’t accept that all Muslims are bad people, but I do think that what we are living now is a direct result of the teachings of Islam. Yeah, of a very extreme interpretation of it, but of it, in the end.

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