Spain: more information on the Fuengirola murder (ACT.)

I hope that the people who blog about this, literally COPYING the translation I have made will have the decency of, at least, linking this post:

The Gaze of Salvador Dali seems a macabre announcement of the tragedy that lies behind the door on which is printed. It’s the photo of the room 505 of the thematic hostelEl Cid, Fuengirola. The irregular lines confirm that police precinct has been the scene of a crime. S. E. C., a Swedish student who died 18 years beheaded. Her friend, whom she was on vacation with, was stabbed but managed to save.

One floor below is another precinct. Room 404, also palindromic. Beethoven. There he stayed until yesterday, a 30-year-old Moroccan named Abselam B. The man who allegedly stabbed two girls and was surprised by the receptionist at the hotel with a knife. The individual is in police custody as the alleged perpetrator. Investigators believe he came to the room with the intention of sexually assaulting them, according to central government representatives.

On the third floor there is no seal, but another main character of the case. A national police who is doing his internship course  in Marbella and was on holiday in Fuengirola. He is the officer who chased Abselam down the stairs and held him until colleagues arrived.

The victims were staying on Wednesday at the hostel, situated in the central avenue of the Condes de San Isidro to celebrate the end of the school year. They had come to visit a friend who was in Fuengirola. They were scheduled to leave on Friday, but they paid the bill and decided to extend their stay until Sunday.

Abselam went to Fuengirola on Friday. The Moroccan, who is a legal resident in Spain, had worked in construction, but was now unemployed. He doesn’t have any criminal record. He had lived in Las Gabias, a town in the province of Granada, but recently stopped by Mijas coast, where he rented an apartment. On Thursday, the lease ended, so he went on looking for a room in the hotel, where he reserved only for one day.

On Friday night, both groups went separately to walk around Fuengirola. “It seems that they coincided in a nightclub,” comments the director and owner of the Hostal El Cid, Carlos Lombardi. The girls returned to the hotel establishment about two-thirty in the morning. They greeted the receptionist and went to their room.

At 3.22 hours Abselam arrived. He was wearing a gray shirt and white pants. He wore a plastic cup in hand. At the desk, the clerk had the impression that he was drunk. He handed over the keys to the 404 and put his hand on the back to help him enter.

What happened next is what the National Police is trying to clarify. “The door to the room the girls were not forced. It is not known how he got into, “says Lombardi. But everyone knows the outcome. Antonio Serrano, the receptionist, heard the screams of one of the girls coming down the stairs. It was bloody. He kept repeating the words “crazy” (crazy in English) and “knife” (knife).

S. E. C. was lying dead on the floor of her room 505. He had several stab wounds, one deep in the neck. Apparently, her hands still held a few strands of the agressor’s hair that she pulled out in the struggle. Her friend, 19, suffered three cuts on her arms and one in the neck that nearly reached a vital area. She was evacuated to hospital, but soon after she was discharged and went to the police station to testify.

The cries of the girl woke up several guests of the hotel, including the policeman who was staying on the third floor. He punt on his trousers and went downstairs to see what was happening. Then he found Abselam, who was running down the stairs. He reduced him until his companions arrived and took charge of the detainee. The Moroccan also has stab wounds, possibly as a result of the struggle. At press time, he remained in the cells at the police station in Fuengirola awaiting questioning.

Translation: T&P.

More here.

The injured Swede, who had been stabbed at her hotel in Figuerola del Camp and taken to a nearby hospital, was treated for cuts on her hands and neck.

She was released from the hospital Saturday and taken to the local police station, according to Spanish authorities.

“The doctor told her that she had been very lucky because she had an injury to her neck that could have been fatal,” a source close to the investigation told local newspaper El Pais.

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12 comments on “Spain: more information on the Fuengirola murder (ACT.)

  1. Bárbaro says:

    Muslim… What can you expect?

  2. Bárbaro says:

    No comment…

  3. Claudia says:

    Yes, but there is also this guy, who is not a Muslim:

    In April, Niklas Eliasson, known in the press as the “Örebro rapist”, was found guilty by the Örebro District Court of 14 of the 18 assaults on women for which he had been charged.

    After going through a psychiatric examination he had been found not to suffer from any serious psychiatric disorder and could therefore be sent to prison according to Swedish sentencing guidelines.

    In addition to the prison sentence, Eliasson was ordered to pay 732,000 kronor ($115,000) to the victims, as well as 50,000 kronor to the Swedish crime victims’ fund (Brottsoffermyndigheten).

    The arrest of 24-year-old Eliasson last autumn was a relief for many Örebro residents who had lived in fear as police continued their search for the man behind a series of brutal rapes, which had been carried out over a period of several years.

    The charges against the Eliasson included eight cases of attempted rape or aggravated rape, three charges of aggravated rape, two cases of assault, two cases of sexual molestation, one charge of robbery and one relating to weapons offences.

    All of the offences were committed in Örebro in eastern Sweden between 2005-2010. Eliasson admitted to all the crimes, but has found it hard to explain why he committed them.

    I don’t know about Sweden, as I don’t live there and there are not a lot of news that reach us here, but I’m sure I find another non-Muslim guys who actually have raped people.

    Anyway, in Spain, I can tell you that people who rape women or abuse their families are not only Islamic ones. The difference (and it’s a great difference) is why they do it: it’s different to be a guy who evidently has pshychological problems with women, than raping girls or killing your wife it because it’s sanctioned by your religion.

  4. Claudia says:

    Have you actually understood what that piece of news says?

    Police arrested in Madrid in 2007 216 rapists, of whom 71% were foreigners, mainly Ecuatorians (18%), Colombians (9%) and Rumanians (7%), while, 29% were Spanish

    So, what does that tell you? There are 18+9+7=34%, that are very possibly not Muslims, among the foreigners the article mentions. There are also another 29% who are Spanish. There is no mention to religion in those statistics (something very wrong in my view: that way, we would know exactly the link between Islam and rape) and the countries that it mentions are not Muslim. We have also to consider that there are nationals who have converted to Islam.
    So, your first words here were “Muslim, what can you expect?”. Those numbers are not clear in that respect, although words like these of Australian imam Al-Hilali show that some Imams support that raping unveiled woman is something Islamic. There is an evident link between rape and Jihad too.
    By the way, I don’t link here Minuto Digital because I don’t think it’s objective. I think it’s a right-wing Público.

    • Bárbaro says:

      Do you speak spanish?

      • Claudia says:

        Not only do I speak Spanish: in fact, I am Spanish…

        • Bárbaro says:

          Pues como yo, así que no sé que leches hago escribiendo en inglés.

          Sobre lo de las violaciones y los musulmanes: con lo de musulmanes me refería a moros, que lo más habitual para los moros es violar, en sus países o en el extranjero, sean o no musulmanes practicantes. Pero los moros musulmanes son especialmente violadores, ya que la violación es un arma en el islam. De lo que digo hay miles de pruebas en internet.

          Obviamente no todos los moros y/o musulmanes violan, como no todos los inmigrantes procedentes del tercer mundo en Occidente violan o delinquen, pero sí un elevado número de ellos. Eso es lo que se desprende de las estadísticas policiales reveladas al público por los medios de comunicación, en sus telediarios, periódicos digitales ( sean “de derechas” como tú dices o no, ya que hasta en los izquierdistas salen este tipo de noticias estadícticas ), etc. Que hay blancos autóctonos que delinquen, claro, pero del 100% de violaciones que se cometen en un año en cualquier país de Europa Occidental, los autóctonos pueden cometer si acaso un 5 o un 10% y los inmigrantes, musulmanes o no, el resto. Y eso que son por ahora minoría en nuestros países. En algunos casos llegan a cometer el 100% de las violaciones a lo largo de varios años, como es el caso de Oslo.

          La alta tasa de delincuencia relacionada con el inmigrante no-blanco es un hecho demostrado, algo que estas dos pobres suecas han aprendido tarde.

          • Claudia says:

            Este es un blog para personas que no hablan español o, más específicamente, para aquellos que entienden el inglés, así que me perdonarás si yo continúo hablando en inglés.

            a) Well, apparently, you say that “aboriginal whites” commite 5% of rapes, when in that link you provided they actually commit 30%.

            b) Islam has nothing to do with race or nationality. It has to do with ideology. So saying “Muslim moors are the ones who rape more” is just not logical. If it’s a weapon of Islam, anyone (of whatever nationality or race) could commit those crimes.

            c) This blog is not about immigration. This blog (please read the comment policy) is about forbidding Sharia Law in our countries, ensuring that our Laws prevail and expelling every imam who preaches jihad and condones violence. I believe it’s a sufficiently broad subject to consider any other ones.

            d) “Rape is a weapon of Islam”. Yep, it’s a Jihadi weapon as I have linked in one of the comments above. But that doesn’t mean that ALL people who rape are Jihadis or even Muslims, as you implied in your comment. It’s clear from the link you provided.

            e) Information is not objective. But we know the flaws of every MSM and I don’t want to convince about Islamism/extremist Islam’s dangers those guys who are already convinced, but those who are not yet convinced.


            Para que te quede claro:
            a) este NO es un blog sobre la inmigración. Este blog es simplemente un medio de difusión de noticias sobre islamismo, ley sharia o persecución a los cristianos, precisamente para subrayar nuestra postura sobre (1) necesidad de prohibición de la Sharia (2) necesidad de expulsar a imanes que apoyan la jihad o la violencia y (3) asegurarse que las leyes civiles son superiores a las religiosas.
            b) no discuto que las violaciones sean un arma de la Jihad, lo que discuto es que por ser musulmán, se sea un violador (“Musulmán, ¿qué esperabas?”). Como se ve por la estadística, los que más violan son ecuatorianos, rumanos y colombianos que no son musulmanes en una gran mayoría. ¿Qué es lo que diferencia a unos de otros? Que estos violan porque tienen un problema mental/sexual, mientras que los musulmanes, cuando violan, están impulsados por las predicaciones de imanes como Al-Hilali. Y a mí eso me parece más grave que si el porcentaje es mayor o menor, porque tienen sanción religiosa para producir un daño enorme.
            Pero como en la estadística no se determina la proporción de musulmanes que violan, no se puede concluir diciendo que los que más violan son los musulmanes. Eso es una afirmación que tiene que contrastarse.
            c) en España el periodismo es una mierda. Pero a mí, Minuto Digital me parece el mismo panfleto que Público pero de personas que siguen a AES y partidos parecidos, a los que yo votaría cuando me interese votar a Izquierda Unida (o sea, cuando las ranas críen pelo…). Yo no quiero convencer a los que ya lo están, este blog está para alertar a los que todavía no se han dado cuenta del riesgo que corremos. Así que intento no poner enlaces a periódicos digitales que conoce poquísima gente y, cuando lo hace, no es precisamente por sus análisis objetivos de la realidad.

            Como este es un blog escrito en inglés para personas que leen y escriben en inglés, espero que intentes escribir en inglés porque es una cuestión de buena educación para que todo el mundo pueda entender lo que pones…. 🙂

  5. ileanaaslan says:

    Marocco people from Spain = crime = drugs traffic

    Muslims from all over the world = obtuse, violent, stupid and mean people!

    • Claudia says:

      Well, I answer you the same I did before. Generalizations are wrong. There are some Moroccan people that of course, are related to drug traffic, but there are also Chinese, Russians, Colombians, etc. who are also related to it and to crime in general. There are criminals also among Spanish people.

      There are also non-Muslims who are mean and indecent people. I insist: generalizations are good for NO ONE.

      So, please, if you want to comment, just be logical.

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