Spain: Moroccan man kills Swedish tourist, hurts another in attempted sexual assault (ACT)

This has just been published:

The weekend trip for two Swedish students in Fuengirola has ended in tragedy after one of them was killed by an individual who tried to assault them sexually.

According to the first hypothesis, both tourists spent a few days in the town of Malaga, housed in the hotel El Cid. Apparently, they met a young 30-year-old Moroccan in a nightclub who was staying for the night at the same hotel as them but in a different room.

At 04:00, the alleged murderer went to the room of the two Swedish girls and after attempted to sexually assault them, stabbed one of them and killed her. The other girl escaped with wounds and alerted the hotel staff, who retained the subject with the help of a police trainee.

The detainee remains in Fuengirola Police Station waiting to go to court.

Translated from here.

(ACT.) Those people who have COPIED this content without linking this post or IBA are not going to have this update. Remember that this blog is protected against copy. It’s shameful that people who are “outstanding” bloggers copy other more modest blogs’ content, without linking it. Just go to the comments and compare.

According to Alerta Digital, the Moroccan man nearly beheaded the woman with a knife of great dimensions. According to sources linked to the investigation, the alledged attacker run away after the attack but was intercepted in the hotel, located in Conde San Isidro Avenue of Fuengirola.

Emergency service from the 112 received a call about what had happened about 3:50 a.m. made by other hotel guests. The 112 alerted Local and National Police and sanitary services.


6 comments on “Spain: Moroccan man kills Swedish tourist, hurts another in attempted sexual assault (ACT)

  1. juje says:

    maroccan peoplee out of europe ,only sell drugs,steal,violate ;including minor(example in madrid 2 sister 8years old the last week and almost diad),for the govern of europe:please the bad people of the other countries they have to be expulsed!!!

    • Claudia says:

      I don’t see how you can expell people from just one nationality because of belonging to that country. But I would support expelling those who have committed any crime and have been condemned to any prison term.

  2. Claudia says:

    There are people who doesn’t like to link the original translation, do they? Specially when the translation is exactly the same (I have the screen capture). 😆

  3. […] Spain: Moroccan man kills Swedish tourist, hurts another in attempted sexual assault ( […]

  4. bluepanic says:

    Thank you great site linked the story here


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