Novelist Reyes Monforte: “We have the enemy at home”

Reyes Monforte

When you know that a novel or a film is based on a true story, you think a little more about it, it affects you more“, believes Monforte. Her new book (The infidel) tells the story of Sara, a woman who leaves her life when she falls in love with a young Muslim whom she teaches Spanish to. The problem is that this young man is actually an Islamic terrorist. Everything is then compounded into a mixture of love, hate, betrayal and revenge with which the journalist and writer intended to make a warning: “We have to know  what we have in our home. This story seems just fit for a film, but it is something that is happening today and who knows if it is happening in our street or block. We have the enemy at home without knowing what happens, while they are very smart and know how to be silent. They work very quietly, do not raise suspicion, pretend to be something they are not, that’s why we are so surprised.”.

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4 comments on “Novelist Reyes Monforte: “We have the enemy at home”

  1. K. aka Kel says:

    If they tried to make a movie of this, it would be banned as “hate propaganda” and the riots would ensue.

  2. Minoane says:

    The novel is great, really good. If you read the book you will see is not hate propaganda. Only a good history and a great book.

    • Claudia says:

      Well, I don’t know what you consider “hate propaganda”, but I don’t think that pointing out the reality of Jihadism inside our societies is hate propaganda at all…

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