US: More than 80% of mosques promote violence


5 comments on “US: More than 80% of mosques promote violence

  1. peddiebill says:

    I would have thought that stirring mistrust in Islam is stirring up violence. Why else would the US so readily march out to places like Iraq and Afghanistan to kill Muslims.
    Get real. See what Christians did in Kosovo, in Rwanda, the Congo, and tell me Christians dont have the same facility for violence as the Muslims. Just in terms of those killed. How many were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan in effect in reprisals for the Twin Towers where terrorists from where? were responsible for a mere 3 thousand deaths…I thought they were from Saudi Arabia???? The advice about removing the plank in ones own eye before removing the moat in our brothers eye springs to mind.

    • Claudia says:

      How many Christian churches do you know that promote killing non-Christians? How many Christian websites (important ones, not of some idiot that says he’s a Christian…) do you know that actually promote violence against non-Christians?

      Yeah, I know, we are all humans and we all make errors, misbehave and commit heinous crimes. But do all of us consider them sanctioned by God? Were Rwanda massacres sanctioned by any God or were they only the result of extreme racial hate? In Kosovo, all Serbian (or nearly) who commit crimes against humanity have been or are in the present being judged by their crimes. Why not Bosnians who also had guys who liked killing a lot? Yes, the Congo is too a great and heavy heinous problem, But again, is it sanctioned by any God or religion?

      This blog is not about what Muslims do wrong: as human beings they are as fallible as the rest. This blog (have you read the comment policy?) is about what their clerics make them do wrong, based more or less, in their sacred texts and in the interpretation those clerics use to support their own power. If you don’t understand this, well, that’s not my fault. I don’t think that any terrorist attack they have made, is justified.

      What do I think about Iraqi war? Well, I’m not expert in that, but basically it has made Saddam disappear, but also it has caused a growth in terrorism and greater persecution on Christians and non-Muslims. So I don’t think the balance is great.

      Anyway, I’m a fierce critic of Saudi Arabia, a country which is exporting jihad and wahabbism thoroughout the world, thanks to the petrodollars.

      No, I don’t have to see anything in my eye. But if some damned cleric, with the support of Saudi Arabia, Iran and other “modern” states, is trying to pass a “blasphemy condemnation” resolution on the UN, I get worried. Because that would mean that critizising stoning or flogging as a punishment, child marriages or FGM would be forbidden. Do you really like that possibility? I don’t. That’s why I write this blog.

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