“There is no compulsion on religion”

Well, something like that

The infidels are all one and the same. [4] There is a difference between this and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, even on war. The war of the Muslims is better than the peace of these dogs. [5] ….

Allah says no coercion in Islam. One is free to be faithful or unfaithful. That is the starting point, but it allows someone who converted to Islam to change their minds? No, not allowed. …

That is a totally different story. A person who converted and received a sample of the perfection of Islam is not allowed to leave the fold of Islam when he feels like that. …

First, we kindly ask a person who repents. If it does – it’s ended. When the mujahideen are fighting against a country, they tell your people: Convert to Islam. That’s our only requirement. We no longer want any more of you – do not want your money or your country. All we want is to enter Paradise with us. Is there something higher than this? …

Would they kill the infidels if they refuse to convert? No, they wouldn’t. Muslims would say: Let’s be friends. You pay the jizya tax to us and we will make sure you’re safe and sound. We could easily fight you and take care of your country, so you are better off paying the jizya and we will protect them. … [6]

It says: If they refuse to pay, seek Allah’s help and fight them ‘You are asked to become – they refuse. You tell them to pay the jizya – they refuse. That means they have bad intentions. Well, we will fight against them. …

Oh, yeah, the religion of peace, wasn’t that the motto?

PS: MEMRI has translated excerpts from a Muslim religious program with the EgyptianMuslim cleric Mazen Al-Sarsawi, which aired on television channel Al-Nour Jaliyiah TVon January 3, 2011. By the way, the guy is so stupid that mixes up Vietnam war with the II World War, saying that US dropped the atomic bomb there. 🙄


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