Spain: Politician receives death threats in music video by “Islam”

Pilar Rahola.

Pilar Rahola. Image via Wikipedia

The police has increased security around Pilar Rahola after the journalist and author received death threats through a video posted on YouTube recorded by a band called “Islam“, as reported –Death threats against Pilar Rahola-. The song reads, and repeatedly, “I will kill Pilar Rahola” and the recording uploaded to the Internet is accompanied by white photography and denied a woman completely covered by a burka.

She has already filed a complaint with the police.

Although a leftist, she has distinguished herself for the defense of women against Islamic abuses.


2 comments on “Spain: Politician receives death threats in music video by “Islam”

  1. K. aka Kel says:

    I’ve heard of her – she wrote that book, “The Islamic Republic of Spain,” denouncing Islamic regimes. I hope she’s safe – what a bunch of Islamic pigs.

    • Claudia says:

      The problem with these leftists (specially as she is, a Catalan nationalist leftist) is that they are never going to acknowledge the part in which they have supported the most radical Islamists, with the idea that they were not going to support Spain but Catalonia. In fact, the last “Tripartite” Government (Socialists, Communists and Communists Catalan Nationalists) have even reached an agreement with Morocco to import workers to Catalonian textile industry. And Ms. Rahola is a Communist Catalan Nationalist. A very similar move to the one made by Scottish Nationalist party, though not so openly…

      I understand that she is supporting Israel because she really believes in it, make no mistake about that. But she hasn’t denounced the party she belongs to, but a more generic “left” and “right”. And more appropriate than “Islamic Republic of Spain”, is “Islamic republic of Catalonia”.

      Of course, that is not a reason to threaten anyone with death. If not, we should threaten every Spanish politician: they are all of them (with very few exceptions) sooooo incoherent!!! :mrgreen:

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