Arranged marriages in Spain?

Yes, they exist among Muslim immigrants. Of course, normally women who suffer them, do not report them to the police or the authorities. With a few exceptions such as this one:

Nadia E., is a 21-year-old who moved from Morocco to La Seu d’Urgell (Lleida) two years ago. She reported him to the police after she wasn’t allowed to leave home without the use of clothing that concealed her entire body. He didn’t let her learn Spanish either. They were two of the alleged impositions she suffered from her husband, whom she married in an arranged marriage by parents of both in their native country.

… The victim said in court that he controlled her every move, forcing her to tell him when she exited and entered home, where she was going to and the name of the people she was going to speak to. She said her husband controlled her even when she was going to buy bread and required her to have all the windows closed. She added that her husband insulted and slapped her on a regular basis. He once threatened to kill her also saying he was going to throw her from the balcony.

More here. Found here.

2 comments on “Arranged marriages in Spain?

  1. I think this goes beyond the issue of arranged marriages. Apparently more than half of Muslim marriages, even those that are not arranged, include physical and verbal abuse, crminal violence and denigration of the female partner.

    • Claudia says:

      Yeah, but in this case, to the actual abuse, we add that she was married against her will. So the abuse is even worse than normally. Moreover, this is a much greater phenomenon, because they “import” wives from Islamic countries, who are normally not aware of the rights Western legislation recognises them. In France, for example, a man could be polygamous if all the wives were foreigners, something which was an important reason to “import” Islamic wives from abroad.

      Of course, estimations on this are really difficult to make… 😕

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