Spain: Tax irregularities in the funding of Lérida’s mosque?

The Prosecutor’s Office of Lleida has archived the research on the amounts received by the largest mosque in Lleida, named Nord, led by the imam Abdelwahab Houzi, having failed to identify fraudulent activity, although it has detected tax irregularities, so the information gathered will be forwarded to the Tax Authority for further analysis.

… According to the prosecution, the mosque is managed by an association called “Islamic Community on Cooperation and Union of Lleida and Segrià region“, registered in the Ministry of Interior since 2003, and all income derived from the faithful’s contribution. The amounts are managed through a single account with a bank that has substantial balances and relevant cash income.

…”As the association is a legal person, it should pay the corporate tax and the outcome of these procedures are sufficient evidence of failure to comply with their obligation to pay it. So it’s is necessary that the competent authority, the Tax Authority, conducts the necessary investigations,” said Attorney in a statement.

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3 comments on “Spain: Tax irregularities in the funding of Lérida’s mosque?

  1. Otis P. Driftwood says:

    Ever notice how these islamic ‘organizations’ always give themselves these long and benevolent sounding names?

  2. […] Spain: Tax irregularities in Lérida’s mosque? ( […]

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