Spain: Catalan Govt will make imams speak Catalan

Found here:

The Directorate General of Religious Affairs of the Generalitat of Catalonia will promote Catalan language among religious leaders of all faiths, mostly imams to help their communities to integrate and avoid creating ghettos. The responsible for the direction, Xavier Puig, has reaffirmed his support to the promotion of Catalan among imams, and announced that “this desire for integration and effort also calls on religious leaders of other faiths“. “They should make an effort to integrate into the culture and speak the language, whatever their native language to prevent precisely possible ghettos. “

When I read that, I immediately remembered Houzi, the fundamentalist imam of Lleida:

The wife of Moroccan attending the meetings has told you that on Sunday the imam said, “Take advantage of independence because they rely on us to get votes but they do not know is that when they leave us to vote all vote Islamic parties because we do not think left and right. This will make us win mayoral and from there with the great powers of the autonomous start implementing Islam. “

Do you know why? Because Mr Puig is not making them learn Catalan because they understand it’s good for them to integrate (whatever I believe about making them speak Catalan and not Spanish…). No, they have been promised a mosque in Barcelone in exchange of learning Catalan. Not because it’s their obligation as a result of living there.


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