Arrested’s responsible of threats against South Park

Revolution Muslim’s co-founder and primary spokesman Younus Abdullah Muhammad was arrested in Morocco early Friday, according to Islam Policy, the Web site successor to the original Revolution Muslim.

Muhammad, also known as Jesse Morton, was charged earlier this month with transmitting threats in relation to Revolution Muslim’s 2010 threats against the creators of South Park for a two-part episode satirizing death threats over the depiction of the Prophet Mohammad.

With the impressive logical skills that strike everyone when reading an Islamist webpage (ironic mode off), Islamic Policy, the heir of stated:

His arrest comes in the long line of Muslims who have been imprisoned for speaking out against the United States. It is part and parcel of the US war on Islam. It is a war, being waged on two interlink fronts.

This guy told everyone that “Allah commanded Muslims to terrorise infidels”. 🙄

More here.

Background here.


5 comments on “Arrested’s responsible of threats against South Park

  1. K. aka Kel says:

    “Islam demands that you SUBMIT now!” In OUR Western countries… Eff them. (I’m so glad I’m a Kafir). This is becoming dangerous.

    • Claudia says:

      Well, what I really worry about is that these guys are Western converts to Islam. They have not lived in Islamic countries and are dreaming about being the “ruling class” in an Islamic society in their own countries.

      This is dangerous but it’s also silly: how can you be so stupid to believe in what you want but try to impose your own beliefs in others, even with violence? 😯 I think it’s basically a way to feel superior to others, with religion’s sanction.

  2. K. aka Kel says:

    Indeed… I paraphrased what you said on my FB page/ commentary, with a H/T to you. Three thumbs up.

    I agree – the converts are something to be worried about. They seem to be much more strident and dangerous. Do they even know the Arabic version of the Koran?

    • Claudia says:

      Do they even know the Arabic version of the Koran?

      I think that they know it: it’s the most radical version of the Qu’ran and these guys are very radical. In fact, that position is what supports their vision of the world… 😩

    • Claudia says:

      Oh, and TX for your mention in FB! 😆

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