Australia: Lybian man condemned on sexual assaults’ charges

Almahde Ahmad Atagore, 28, had been in Australia only a month and was having trouble adapting to the Australian culture when he committed the attacks, a court heard.

Atagore, who is a Muslim, was upset and sexually aroused at the way women in Australia dressed and behaved, the Victorian County Court heard today

Sentencing Atagore, Judge Margaret Rizkalla said she accepted there was a link between the cultural issues, along with Atagore’s depression, and the offences.

 So, instead of trying to adapt to Australian society, he spent a month raping and sexually assaulting women and teenagers. And feeling depressed…
The question is: if everything was so disgusting, why didn’t he went back to Lybia? Yeah, I know…

5 comments on “Australia: Lybian man condemned on sexual assaults’ charges

  1. Otis P. Driftwood says:

    So he was upset and aroused at the way Australian women dressed. In muslim countries his behavior is the norm.

  2. […] course, she wasn’t a non-Muslim girl who could be abused because the way she dressed. So, she should be […]

  3. Violante says:

    I suppose they’ll use his lack of adaptation as a legal excuse to condone his antisocial behaviour

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