France: Jihadist chiefs threaten to attack over burqa ban

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Well, this is of course, NOT shocking:

Islamic terror chiefs have declared war on France over its ban on women wearing burkas.

Extremists posted threats on websites calling for a “war on crusader France,” according to American terrorism monitoring service SITE.

One message read: “Leave our sisters alone or we will truly be obligated to act on our words.”

France has made it illegal for women to hide their faces with a burka – they can be fined £132.


7 comments on “France: Jihadist chiefs threaten to attack over burqa ban

  1. Let us also think about what it is like for a woman who has to lead her life underneath this heavy material, when the temperatures reach 30 degrees or more, when she has any kind of respiratory problem, when she is pregnant, having a hot flush, or just exhausted.
    Islamic men should all wear them for a week and see what it is really like before they impose their prehistoric laws on women.
    The burka is a symbol of a woman in a cage.

    • Claudia says:

      Yes, I understand your reason, Georgia, but some of them say they use it because they want, so I’m not reasoning from their point of view. I’m reasoning from ours. I know it can sound not compassionate enough, but we have had here in the past sufficient reasons not to consider their own problems.

      No one can be saved if he/she doesn’t want to.

      • Claudia, I am NOT in support of the burka in any way at all.
        I am saying that many Islamic women resent deeply having to wear these atrocious outfits for the reasons I stated.
        If I had to go to Saudi I would have to be married, accompanied by my husband and covered up from head to toe, I would have to follow their rules…so when Muslim peoples enter our lands they HAVE TO do the same.

    • ,musician says:

      Yes Georgia ,Great to hear your thought on This important issues .
      One thing is evident burqa and niqab are fashion ,cultural,spiritual and political.(most of those woman will defend their right to wear those things.) its highly ill-inform to think they were sought of forced into it ,you will be making progress when you start engaging and try to understand what they are talking about . stop trying to change them to your way of thinking, start acknowledging their right to do things as they see feet in their land, its what we are doing to them over there that’s causing anxiety here. i.e imposing our favourable dictator on them ,western backed occupation,waging unnecessary wars on them killing them like they are lesser human beings than us.that’s the problem. when we go there and do that to women and children over there. you call that liberation? Until you stop your own atrocities they remain the unnecessary victim of your survival.
      Just like you have freedom of speech ,freedom to wear what you like,freedom to dress as a priest or a nun. you don’t suspect or accuse them of being anything other what they are ,Even at the height of the northern ireland problems. do you really think if they ban piece of clothing we will all be okay.those people who carried out 9/11 they weren’t anything of that sought neither BTW ,Black white asian people has been comittng crime wearing all sort of disguises. commit to peace and justice you will be less fearful .peace x

  2. […] France: Jihadist chiefs threaten to attack over burqa ban ( […]

  3. K.aka Kel says:

    Good points – but I really don’t concern myself with the conditions under which these women wear the burka. I’m more concerned about it’s symbolism of Islamic enroachement in the West.

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