Spain: “They will have their March 11th”, Islamic website says

‘They will have their 11-M ‘. This dire prediction is the title of the article that the president of the Catalan Islamic Board, Abdennur Prado, has posted on ‘Webislam’, the Board’s MSM, about the Spanish government’s decision to participate in the coalition against the regime of Gaddafi.

The rest? Structured as if it were a prayer, Mr Prado accuses President José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, the deputies and journalists of “justifying the killings by arguments of living”, finishing each part with a … “There will be another March 11th. God forbid. ”

“Zapatero loves destruction, slaughter, war, the ignominy. (He keeps on) Penetrating the circle of blood, death ceremony mass that responds to the lowest interest. ”

But the stark warning doesn’t need to be literal, according to its author: “There Will be another 11-M. God forbid. Maybe not today or tomorrow, maybe in another life, perhaps only in the mind of the mother of a broken child, maybe in the nightmare of the pilot that launches of missiles, perhaps only in the rage of so many. “


I really don’t see how this can be called a March 11th, because it really doesn’t have anything to do with it. In the rage of so many? Is that really similar to March 11th bombings?

But he has “explained” himself:

“In this text, March 11th is used as the most terrible metaphor for current Spanish situation: the slaughter of innocent civilians. When we say of certain people, that “they will have their 11-M, God forbid”, this does not means that we are expressing concern about a new terrorist attack in Spain. What it means is that every bomb that falls over Libya and is killing innocent civilians, with Spanish aid, is already repeating the March 11th bombings“.

It’s quite clear then: military men who are now in Lybia are terrorists, just as the ones who blew up trains, killing 192 people and wounding nearly 3,000.

We see once more the awful manipulation these guys made (and the present Government) over the Iraqi war. These guys don’t give a shit about UN resolution supporting the intervention in Lybia. But, shhh, don’t say that too loud, because Zapatero is a “pacifist”…

(Translation: T&P)


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