UN: Islamic countries continue pushing for blasphemy resolution

Fifty-six Islamic countries, members of the UN, claim that the General Assembly this month shoulc approve a resolution condemning “defamation of religions”, which restrictsf reedom of expression in the West and spread worldwide the “blasphemy law“existing only in several Muslim countries. As we remember the “blasphemy law” is even more controversial after the sentencing to death of Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi.

The draft UN resolution is sponsored by Pakistan as the country spokesman for the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), the largest pressure group of world from Muslim states.

The initiative has the majority within the Human Rights Council United Nation, where the OIC and its states are the majority among the 47 Council members. For years, at the request of Pakistan, the Council has annually approved a resolution against “defamation of religions. ”

The text was again approved at their request, text in which the UN condemns the criticism appearing in the free press against radical Islam, since the terrorist attack of September 11. The aim of the Muslim states is to find sufficient support in the General Assembly to approve the resolution during the current session.

Secretary of State of the EE-UU, Hillary Clinton, has rejected the Muslim initiative at the UN on the grounds that it is contrary to freedom of expression. U.S. and European governments warn that further legal condemnation of “defamation of religions” hides the danger that serve to accentuate the persecution of religious minorities especially against the followers of Jesus Christ.



6 comments on “UN: Islamic countries continue pushing for blasphemy resolution

  1. K. aka Kel says:

    In Canada, an Appeals Court struck down – strongly – that acts of terrorism was within the Charter of Rights regarding express freedom.

    In fact, the applicants’ sentences (charged with terror plots) were INCREASED. Canada gets it right 🙂

    As for this UN draft, would this also protect Christian and Jews in Islamic theocracies? Nah, didn’t think so..

    • Claudia says:

      for this UN draft, would this also protect Christian and Jews in Islamic theocracies?

      The first draft only mentioned Islam and was proposed only for it. But they were convinced that, if they didn’t include other religions, it was going to have very little support, so now it’s “blasphemy” related to ALL religions, although Islam is the only specifically mentioned, even when Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world:

  2. […] they continue pushing for what they are really interested in: the UN anti-blasphemy (really anti-criticism of Islam) resolution, although Pakistani Christian Minister Shabaz Bhatti’s assasination has made them more […]

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