Sweden: Extremists recruiting for Jihad in Stockholm’s Grand Mosque

Unfortunately this doesn’t surprise me:

(Swedish politician) Daniel Arrospide (infiltrated in the Muslim community) and says that the imam knew that there are people in the community who belong to extreme groups. There were attempts to recruit people without work or employment and with poor prospects for the future to extreme actions. 

“If the person is single, they pay him a little money. If he has a family, they promise him a lot of money to the family in case he chooses to die in the name of Allah.”

Q: Was there a lot of talk of Jihad in the mosque?

A: Yes, there was a lot of talk about Jihad in the mosque

Q: What did they say about Jihad?

A: That you should continue the war against the impure and infidels.

Q: Against Swedes?

A: Against Swedes, yes

Saturday’s suicide bomber didn’t surprise Daniel Arrospide.

“I had the feeling that something would happen. I had the feeling that there will be a bomb sooner or later in Stockholm. We wouldn’t avoid it, so to speak.”

Background: 12.

More here.

PS: Daniel Arrospide is a local politician for the Green Party in Stockholm.


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