Iraq: Suicide Attacks Kill 13

A suicide car-bomber attacked a checkpoint near the government administrative building in Iraq’s Anbar province capital of Ramadi, killing and wounding dozens. Iraqi security forces are also on alert for threats before the Shi’ite Ashoura celebration this week in the south of the country.

Eyewitnesses say a suicide car-bomber detonated his vehicle at a checkpoint leading to government administrative buildings in Ramadi, causing numerous casualties.

A top Anbar province official, Jassem Mohammed al Hamed indicated the bomber was probably hoping to hit the government complex, but did not quite make it that far.

He says the bomber hit a checkpoint on the road leading up to the provincial government offices and the provincial council, but he was not able to get beyond it to reach the government buildings.

Police reports say at least six security force members manning the checkpoint were killed at the Ziyout round-about in central Ramadi.

Again and again and again. How much hate some people have as to die killing others…


2 comments on “Iraq: Suicide Attacks Kill 13

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