Don’t put Quran verses on cake: Top Saudi cleric (UPD)

The top Saudi cleric

Saudi Arabia’s top Muslim cleric has warned against writing Quran verses on cake, saying this constitutes an insult of the Holy Book.Quoted by Saudi newspapers on Wednesday, the kingdom’s Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Shaikh said he had noticed that Quran verses are written on cake during social events and other occasions at homes and schools.

“Writing Quran verses on cake or any other edible items amounts to an insult of the Quran and is unacceptable,” he said.

“Appreciating and respecting the Quran should not be done by eating its verses but by reading or listening to them and by sticking to their content…Quran verses must not be used in decoration of cake and eating it.”

Newspapers said the Mufti was responding to questions about the growing phenomenon of using Quran verses by some Quran memorisation centres in the Gulf kingdom to adorn cake at graduation events.

via Don’t put Quran verses on cake: Top Saudi cleric – Emirates24|7.

UPD: But marrying 10-year-old girls? Hey, that’s OK. (TX to BCF who has linked this post).


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