Wikileaks: US is worried about Catalonia being “the main center of Mediterranean jihadism”

Nothing we did not already know, about jihadism in Catalonia, but it is interesting to see U.S. concerns on the subject.

The U.S. Embassy in Madrid believe that Catalonia is the hottest spot of radical Islam in Spain, a scenario that should be monitored and controlled as a bridge to the Mediterranean. The strong presence of Moroccan and Pakistani community in Barcelona and the effervescent activity of Islamists in towns such as Tarragona, Hospitalet, Badalona and Reus concern to U.S. intelligence services. IN fact, they consider this community as its first research objective. The secret documents of the State Department define Catalonia as the main center of Islamism in the Mediterranean.

So concerned they were, that they have opened some offices in Barcelona for “a multi-agency co-ordinating the fight against terrorism, crime and intelligence information to combat the growing threat jihadist and criminal activities in the region” in collaboration with our Spanish hosts. ”


  1. Catalonia: the meaning of the Pakistani terrorists’ detentions (for translation to English, scroll down).
  2. Spain: No1. place in recruitment of Islamist terrorists in EuropeMost of the Islamist terrorist choose the Muslim communities in Catalonia to create sleeping cells. 80% of the police operations have taken place in Catalonia and 31% of the 130 Islamists who are now in prison were arrested in Catalonia.
  3. Spain: alleged Al-Qaeda financier belongs to Socialist Party’s Executive Board.
  4. Spain: Salafist criminal “procedure” condemns a woman to death on adultery charges.
  5. Spain: Islamic Moral Police in action.
  6. Spain: Italian Prosecutors’ report showed AQIM recruitment.
  7. Spain: Salafist Imam Charged for Coercing a Woman to Wear Hijab.
  8. Spain: Seven accused of setting up a Sharia court, freed.
  9. Spain: the dangers of locating mosques in industrial areas.
  10. Spain: pro-independency Catalonian entity wants to show the “bonds that historically have existed between Islam and Catalonia”.
  11. Spain: police arrest 7 linked to al-Qaida

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