Hamas TV wishes you a very Merry Christmas

Asking Allah to exterminate Jews, Christians and Communists and their supporters:

Meanwhile we continue sending money to Hamastan [*], and people who go there end realizing there are other parts of the world where people live worse, in financial terms, despite the Israeli “blockade”:

There are a slew of products here, and beautiful restaurants. Is this the Gaza we have been hearing about?” A Sudanese official, who arrived in the Strip about a month ago with hundreds of visitors from Arab countries on the “Viva Palestina” aid convoy, was quoted by Palestinian news agency Maan as saying.

Where is the siege? I don’t see it in Gaza. I wish Sudan’s residents could live under the conditions of the Gazan siege,” he reportedly added.


[*] For those interested, the Gaza’s 70,000 civil servants are being paid by the PA authority, and who pays the latter? The US, the UN, the EU, etc. So, each of us. Isn’t life wonderful?


3 comments on “Hamas TV wishes you a very Merry Christmas

  1. K. aka Kel says:

    Oh, freaking brother…

  2. […] we are sending more money to them through the Palestinian authority, and they are going to be very well off thanks to […]

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