Taliban “Sanctuary” in Pakistan and Iran, criticized worldwide

The Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) one of the most lethal weapons the U.S. forces face in the fight against terrorism in Afghanistan is not only a headache for military but also needs closer attention from governments around the world while Pakistan is providing the necessary safe heavens according to U.S. military officials.

“We do believe that the enemy – the Taliban is facilitated by some sanctuary in Pakistan, and to some degree minor assistance from Iran,” said Lieutenant General Michael L. Oates, Director, Joint IED Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) while addressing media on Monday.

in Afghanistan there are “homemade explosives, explosives that are made largely from fertilizer-based bombs – ammonium nitrate and potassium chlorate,” while in Iraq those were more sophisticated.

The general noted that, “there is no ammonium nitrate produced in Afghanistan. It all comes in across the border,” from Pakistan.

On the techniques used by “Haqqani, who operates in the east,” the general noted, “(Haqqani) prefers to use potassium chlorate, but he’ll use ammonium nitrate as well. And we do see a difference in targeting.”

“For instance, Haqqani will attack both Afghan security forces, civilians, and coalition forces equally. We believe his network seeks to control a criminal enterprise in eastern Afghanistan,” added the general.

via Taliban “Sanctuary” in Pakistan With Increasing IED Menace Says U.S. General | AHN.

But they are not the only ones critizicing Pakistan over this sanctuary. Both French President Nicolas Sarkozy and UK Prime Minister David Cameron have also critizised Pakistani sanctuary for IED production. Sarkozy, on official visit to India, said:

It is unacceptable that India’s security can be threatened by groups of terrorists acting from neighbouring countries.

“It is unacceptable for Afghanistan and for our troops that the Taliban and al-Qaeda find safe haven in the border regions of Pakistan. We know the price that the Pakistani people are paying for terrorism. But it is unacceptable for the world that terrorist acts should be masterminded and carried out by terrorist groups in Pakistan,” he said.

The Pakistani authorities must “step up their efforts and show that they are resolute in combating these criminals,” he added, and pledged unlimited counter-terrorist co-operation with India.

I don’t see Pakistan complying with this at all. They would just protest about trying to be “Westernised” or some other stupid idea. But, you know, for the Taliban’s supporters it would be quite convincing. 🙄

PS: one of the Haqqanis raped poor, defenseless girls and made videos of that. Just to consider the kind of “moral” these guys have.


2 comments on “Taliban “Sanctuary” in Pakistan and Iran, criticized worldwide

  1. neel123 says:

    The fundamental issue with Pakistan is, how long the western powers lead by the US would continue to pour in tens of billions of dollars in economic aid and the latest weapon systems to prop up Pakistan ….. ?

    The US is the creator of the Islamic monster of the Al Qaeda, Taliban etc in order to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. They still continue with their unethical and self serving agenda in the region. On one hand they fight these Islamic forces, on the other hand they keep fueling the fire.

    The only purpose of such action is to destabilize the whole region including India. Or else they would bomb Pakistan back to the stone age, to make them fall in line in a few days …….. !!

  2. Claudia says:

    The US is the creator of the Islamic monster of the Al Qaeda, Taliban etc in order to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan.

    The Islamic monster that you cite was created somewhat before than that. The ideology that those groups support was the same one that fueled groups such as the Almohads, the Almoravids and the Benimerins that stormed in the Iberian Peninsula killing both Muslims and non-Mulims in order to return to the times of the Prophet since the XIth century and end the non-Islamic behaviour (such as drinking wine or eating pork).
    There is a need inside Islam of returning to those times. It’s true that without US support the creation of those groups would have been somewhat difficult. But Saudi Arabia or Iran have been directly or indirectly funding several terrorist groups (including Al-Qaeda).
    That said, US was wrong to fund those groups, based on a quite stupid idea: the enemy of my enemy is also my friend. 😦
    The purpose now is rather simple: they don’t want Pakistan to continue allowing these groups, but they can’t make too great a pressure because they fear a Taliban coming to power. Add to that the nuclear bombs Pakistan owns. It’s a difficult position, but they should have considered that as a possibility for some time now.

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