Pope prays for hostages in Sinai Desert

Pope Benedict XVI

I would like to watch this on the news. It’s shameful this is not being really reported (at least here, it isn’t):

Campaigners have welcomed the intervention by Pope Benedict XVI on behalf of refugees from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan who are being held hostage in the Sinai Desert by people traffickers.

Hundreds of refugees from the Horn of Africa have been held for months on the outskirts of a town in the Sinai Desert in purpose-built containers, where Bedouin people traffickers are demanding payment of up to US$8,000 per person for their release, though the hostages had already paid US$2,000 for passage to Israel.

On 1 December Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Human Rights Concern Eritrea, Agenzia Habeshia and EveryOne Group issued a joint appeal for urgent international intervention in the plight of the refugees, who are currently being held in degrading and inhumane conditions, bound by chains around their ankles and denied adequate food and water. The appeal details extreme methods of torture suffered by the refugees, including electric shocks, to force friends and families abroad to make the payments. The women in the group, who have been separated from the rest, are particularly vulnerable to severe abuse.

During his Angelus address on Sunday, Pope Benedict XVI invited pilgrims “to pray for all situations of violence, intolerance, suffering in the world, that the coming of Jesus may bring consolation, reconciliation and peace. I think of the many difficult situations, such as the continuous attacks that occur in Iraq against Christians and Muslims, the clashes in Egypt where there were deaths and injuries, the victims of traffickers and criminals, such as the drama of the hostages, Eritreans and of other nationalities, in the Sinai desert. Respect for the rights of all is the prerequisite for peace. Our prayer to the Lord and our solidarity can bring hope to those who are suffering.”

via Pope prays for hostages in Sinai Desert on Independent Catholic News.

10 comments on “Pope prays for hostages in Sinai Desert

  1. K. aka Kel says:

    Oh, this is sad…

    • Claudia says:

      Yes, it is. But i’rs even worse there is NO MSM reporting about their situation… 😦

      • K. aka Kel says:

        Claudia, that is so true – I looked for this and it seems to be MSM policy to bury what’s really going on out there. If it weren’t for blogs like these, I’d never know what the real story is in a variety of desolate situations.

        • Claudia says:

          I looked for this and it seems to be MSM policy to bury what’s really going on out there.

          I only imagine how much interest they would have had if this had happened in Spain with African immigrants or in the US with Mexican ones, and the difference just makes me vomit.
          I have to say that if it weren’t for Christian websites, whether Catholic or not, I wouldn’t know either about many of these news.
          So, how does this leave “conventional” MSM? 😡

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  3. Sean Sutton says:

    I am disgusted at the help the Sudanese people get from the governments. These people suffer terribly and they need someone to step in and save them. My heart goes out to them and the others in all of the countries suffering from the religious battles they must endure.

    • Claudia says:

      The problem here is the same: who could help them? I don’t think the US is going to begin another war and I don’t see European leaders tough enough for that. It’s disgusting what’s happening, but as you can see, UN is doing nothing to protect them, and it is the prganization which supposedly should be protecting them. But as Sudan is an ally of the Chinese, any resolution against Sudan will be vetoed by China.
      In the end, the UN agains proves it’s useless and as a result hundreds of people (in this case) get enslaved by Bedouins… 😡

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