Iran: Rights Groups Criticize Iran Over Mohammadkhani’s Mistress’ Execution

Everybody knows that can’t condemn someone solely on the accuser’s confession. And everybody also knows that a death penalty’s condemned should have the opportunity to appeal. In this case, none of these conditions have been fulfilled.

International human rights groups failed to convince the Iranian government against executing 1980s football star Nasser Mohammadkhani’s mistress, who was accused of killing the footballer’s wife. Groups were campaigning since 2002 for Shahla Jahed’s release. Her lawyer on Wednesday confirmed that the 40-year-old woman was hung in Tehran.

The Council of Europe vehemently criticized the Iranian government and said that it had no respect for human rights.

Organization’s Secretary General Thorbjorn Jagland said he was dismayed to hear how inhumanly the execution was carried out. This was the 146th execution Iran carried out this year.

If local media reports are to be believed, Jahed was present at the court’s final hearing. She also prayed before her hanging and called the executors to spare her life. Jahed had been living with Mohammadkhani in a temporary marriage practice known as sigheh, a valid thing under Shia Islam.

via Rights Groups Criticize Iran Over Mohammadkhani’s Mistress’ Execution | AHN.

I wonder what is the real motive to hang this woman after so flawed a trial…

PS: some say the son of the murdered wife, some her brother, was the one who kicked away the stool on which Jahed was standing with the noose around her neck in application of “eye for an eye” law.


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