Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood threatens to sever Israel ties

We are totally unhappy with the illicit marriage between Cairo and Tel Aviv,” said Mohammed Badie, the leader of the group which spawned Hamas.

The London-based Al-Quds Al-Arabi reported Saturday that Badie threatened to “cause a stir in many values that have caused Egypt to hit rock bottom in recent years, during which the leading party has reigned“.

Leaders of the regime know that if we rise to power we will change many aspects of its policy, first and foremost relations with Israel, which have contributed significantly to the maladies that have ailed us,” Badie said.

We will not allow the Palestinians to die of hunger and close the door on them while opening it to Israelis who can enter Sinai whenever they so choose.”

via Muslim Brotherhood threatens to sever Israel ties – Israel News, Ynetnews.

According to journalist Tariq Hassan, who writes for Government supported daily Al-Ahram, Muslim Brotherhood wants to continue the path began by Hamas in Gaza:

The Brotherhood, as Hamas, doesn’t acknowledges any legitimization to the Parliament that ratified the peace treaty with Israel, nor to the state which ratified those agreements, because from their point of view, that state is a traitor which is working for the foreign interests and which doesn’t represent its people. From those statements, we conclude that the Hamas’ problem is not limited to Gaza only, but it’s also in Egypt, and that the Brotherhood has the same positions and uses the same ideas and statements, used by Hamas to give the coup d’état against the government and to proclaim Gaza as a rebel region under their command.

Here in Egypt the Brotherhood brought the hooded militias to the Al-Azhar University, and in Gaza, Hamas used them. Here they changed Egyptian flag and removed the Republic’s eagle and there they removed the Palestinian flag and used the green flag of Hamas. What can we hope for?

Firstly, Hamas is a branch from the Muslim brotherhood, so it’s not the least surprising they actually are using the same tactics. Secondly, this is just the result of making agreements regarding succession, isn’t it, Mr. Mubarak?


By the way, remember the “Coptic riots” following the illegal stop to the construction of a church near Giza? Well, as you would probably guess, there is only one responsible: the Mossad… Islamists have nothing to do with it… 🙄

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