Sweden: Pro-Israel blogger attacked for being a Jew

The Swedish press reports that On Monday evening a man was attacked in his apartment in central Norrköping, in eastern Sweden. According to the victim, two hooded perpetrators rang his doorbell and when he opened the door, they beat him on the head with a wine bottle. The man got treatment in hospital.

Swedish blog JIHAD I MALMÖ spoke with the victim, who says this was an antisemitic attack by Arabs. “The first words I heard was ‘Jewish pig’.” He was then beaten 4-5 times with a wine bottle as he lay on the floor.

A noise from a door in the stairwell caused them to run out and down the stairs, while one shouted ‘Yahood‘ (Arabic: Jew). When he came back from the hospital he discovered they had tried to tear out his mezuzah, but had only managed to take out one of the screws.

The police are not interested and the neighbors are afraid to testify, and so the victim is calling for help from anybody who might have seen the men or heard them talk about the attack.

He thinks the only reason he was ambushed is because he’s a pro-Israel blogger (writing under an assumed name).

via Islam in Europe: Sweden: Pro-Israel blogger attacked for being a Jew.

That part about the “police not interested and the neighbours too afraid to testify” is really worrying. Why is there is a police force if it isn’t interested in investigating violent attacks?


9 comments on “Sweden: Pro-Israel blogger attacked for being a Jew

  1. steve says:

    Sweeden is practically overrun by Muslims now. The police force aren’t going to do anything to upset them.

  2. Carl- says:

    one day the modern societies will have to face the fact that Islam is satan’s religion

    • Claudia says:

      Hello, Carl.
      I don’t know if Islam is or not Satan’s religion. But I bet that some of its followers are really bad guys. The problem, though, are NOT Islamic guys, the problem are the non-Muslims who are so frightened to speak about these atrocities.

      A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within (Will Durant).

  3. Gary Rumain says:

    Damn Jews! Always annoying the koranimals! 8)

    • Claudia says:

      Hello, Gary. can I ask you not to call Muslims “koranimals” in my blog? I bet the deeds made by some of them speak for themselves, there is no need to change their name at all (from my point of view).
      And well, we, Infidels, are in fact, always annoy them, although of course, Jews have an special place on their alledged enemies. Have you seen how many Muslims have protested the blasphemy processes around the world? Me neither.

      • Gary Rumain says:

        LOL! I don’t use the term “m…” on my blog, so its a difference of opinion. Because they demand respect but do nothing to earn it, I show them none.

        I must also point out that infidel is a Christian term referring to Non-Christians. If anything we would be called kafirs.

  4. Claudia says:

    Hello, Gary. I’m not asking you to modify your blog or your position. It has nothing to do with them but with me, in this case: I find some of their deeds are already demeaning, so I don’t have to do anything to make them more demeaning.
    Yes, we have a clear difference of opinion there.

    If anything we would be called kafirs.

    And the meaning in English of kaffir/kuffar (not kaffirs) is?

  5. […] I wouldn’t have copied the “anonymous” testimony if it weren’t for those two last paragraphs. It doesn’t happen ONLY in Zanzibar with a Muslim-majority population, but it happens in Sweden too, as we have known a few days ago. […]

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