No more appeasement: recommendations for action

…unless Christians begin to push back against those who, like the Baghdad murderers, describe their churches as “dirty place[s] of the infidel that…have long been used as a base to fight Islam,” jihadists and other radical Islamists will simply roll over them, en route to rendering anything deemed an “Islamic land” Christian–free. What might a strategy of resistance to this implacable persecution look like?

It would begin with the Vatican. Pope Benedict XVI quickly and forcefully condemned the murderers of Baghdad; no one should doubt the Pope’s commitment to the survival of Christians in Muslim-dominated lands and to combating the anti-Semitism that often goes hand-in-glove with Islamic Christophobia. Yet in the Vatican Secretariat of State, the default positions vis-à-vis militant Islam are unhappily reminiscent of Vatican diplomacy’s default positions vis-à-vis communism during the last 25 years of the Cold War: try to reach political accommodations with Islamic states; foreswear forceful public condemnation of Islamist and jihadist ideology; look for interlocutors with whom to discuss co-existence among Islamic intellectuals. Such a strategy did not work in the Cold War, as I demonstrate in The End and the Beginning: Pope John Paul II – The Victory of Freedom, the Last Years, the Legacy. And it will not work with jihadist Islam, which in many respects is a more ruthlessly determined foe than the late-bureaucratic communism of the 1970s and 1980s. So strategic re-set is required in Rome. And it might well begin with a steady campaign of public condemnations of Islamist depredations against Christians throughout the world.

via No More Appeasement of Radical Islam | First Things.

Well, now let’s see if no.1 Vatican appeaser Cardinal Tauran reads this and begins facing reality.

Background: Iraqi Christians irrelevant in global politics.


3 comments on “No more appeasement: recommendations for action

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  2. MK says:

    It’s high time people around the world started calling for the so called religion of peace to start demonstrating this, instead of carrying water for the savages.

    • Claudia says:

      Yes, I agree. I would like priests to make a stand against Islamic violence in their prayers. But I suspect that we won’t see it as they would be called racists or something… 🙄

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