Afghanistan: Trial of convert to Christianity delayed

Sayed Mussa’s trial has been delayed… again. He still doesn’t know what he has been accused of:

The trial of an Afghan convert to Christianity was delayed from Sunday to possibly as early as sometime this week, depending on when officers figure out how to judge the case.

Under the Afghan constitution, there is no law that bans religious conversion. As a result, officers are currently deciding if Musa should be tried under sharia law.

Sharia or Islamic law says a convert from Islam can be punished by death.

via Afghan Convert’s Trial Delayed; Faces Possible Death Penalty |


  1. Afghanistan: former Muslim may get death penalty for conversion.
  2. Afghanistan: trial of convert to Christianity will be held next Sunday.

7 comments on “Afghanistan: Trial of convert to Christianity delayed

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  2. MK says:

    And we’re supposedly bringing democracy to the savages.

    • Claudia says:

      Well, we also let them have Sharia Law as a source of Law, something which, in my view, should have ended all the intervention there (as in Iraq). You want to live by a religious Law? OK, but we won’t help you any more…

  3. Barbaric….and they come to the West to spread hate and criticise our way of life?

    • Claudia says:

      Yep, Georgia. Then we hate or “propagate hate”. Guys suporting this kind of measures only have love to give, of course… 🙄

  4. […] and had worked for the Red Cross for the last 15 years helping others. His trial has already been delayed on several occassions and he has not been sent the affidavit containing the charges laid against […]

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