North Korea fires on South Korea, kills 1 soldier

South Korean military confirms one South Korean marine killed, three in serious condition. Witness tells TV channel shelling around island has stopped even as fire burns out of control.


South Korean President Lee Myung-bak said on Tuesday he was trying to prevent the exchange of artillery fire between North and South Korea from escalating into a greater conflict, Yonhap news reported.

YTN television reported that Seoul had warned of a stronger response if the North continued with provocations.

S.Korea top presidential aides are meeting in underground bunker at presidential compound.

From here.

Well, imagine that South Korea didn’t have its own Army and the support of the US military. Better not to say you’re “against the military“, because with fools like North Koren president around, is better to being able to defend your country… 🙄


One comment on “North Korea fires on South Korea, kills 1 soldier

  1. […] is an update on this story: Two South Korean marines were killed and 17 others injured, as well as three civilians, after […]

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