Saudi Arabia: Maid reported murdered by employer

And again:

A Saudi man murdered his Asian housemaid by hitting her by a heavy metal object on the head, the Saudi Arabic language daily Okaz said on Saturday.Police arrested the unidentified employer and his wife in the northwestern province just a few hours after the crime, the paper said.

The man and his wife are under interrogation to determine the motive for the crime,” the paper said, quoting security sources.

It did not identify the maid but most of the housemaids in Saudi Arabia are from Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and India.

via Maid reported murdered in Saudi – Emirates24|7.

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Why hasn’t Obama addressed the Christian persecution in Muslim countries?

In Obama‘s worldwide undeniably pro-Muslim sermons, the plight of the persecuted Christian church goes unmentioned. Not once has Obama called to task the mujahedin who systematically murder and deny both Jews and Christians the respect Barack demands the world bestow on the religion of his youth.

Take Iraq, for instance. Recently, 53 Iraqi Christians were murdered in a church raid by militant Muslims in Bagdad. “Gunmen identifying themselves as members of the Islamic State of Iraq … broke through [a] cathedral’s security wall, took 100 worshipers hostage and shot the priest. Most of the victims died hours later when the attackers detonated suicide vests as security forces raided the building.”

The subjugation of Iraqi Christians is so unrelenting that since the start of the war in 2003, 1.3 million Christians have diminished to what is now estimated at below half a million.

If religious tolerance is what drives Barack Hussein Obama, then why has he failed to mention the brutal persecution of a faith to which he purportedly adheres?

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Nigeria: alleged Iranian weapons reported to UNSC

This is an update of this story:

NIGERIA has reported the discovery of an illegal arms shipment from Iran to the UN Security Council, a foreign ministry spokesman said on Wednesday, with the incident a possible violation of sanctions.

A formal notification was forwarded to the chairman of the Security Council … on the 12th of November conveying information that arms originating from Iran were seized,” said spokesman Ozo Nwobu.

The notification also informed the council that “investigations into the circumstances into the arms consignment were ongoing,” he added.

Iran is under four sets of UN sanctions over its nuclear programme.

The sanctions include a ban on arms sales.

Tehran said this week that the arms shipment discovered in Lagos, which included rockets and grenades, was being shipped to a West African country by a private company.

It said a “misunderstanding” over it had been cleared up with Nigerian authorities.

via Qatar Tribune – First with the news and whats behind it.