US: Minorities abused in Pakistan

Asia Bibi: Pope appeals for “full freedom”The US on Thursday expressed concern over the discrimination against minorities in Pakistan, saying serious problems remain with regard to religious freedom in the country.

There have been attacks against Christians, against the Ahmadis. There’s still discriminatory laws on the books, blasphemy laws, anti-Ahmadi laws. We’re raising these issues with the government of Pakistan,” said Michael Posner, the Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labour.

The annual US State Department Report on Global Religious Freedom, which was released by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton yesterday, said “organised violence against minorities have increased” in Pakistan.

Organised violence against minorities increased; for example, there was violence against Christians in Gojra, Punjab, and a terrorist attack on Ahmadis in Lahore, Punjab,” it said, adding “There were instances in which law enforcement personnel abused religious minorities in custody“.

via Minorities abused in Pakistan as no religious freedom: US.

Yes, and then there is Asia Bibi (here, here and here), condemned to death by hanging for “blaspheming” against Mohammed…

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  1. […] abolished it. I don’t think this serves too much, as the extremists continue to exist, non-Muslims and converts to non-Islamic religions and mixed couples are harrassed and threatened and, even when extremists attack people, normally […]

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