Saudi Arabia: Women’s “seditious” eyes should be covered

Wow… so they will be obliged to wear a burqa? And how do you define “seditious eyes”?

Women unveiling their eyes in public in Saudi Arabia will be forced to fully cover up their faces if their eyes are found to be seditious, according to the Gulf Kingdom’s most feared Islamic law-enforcement group.

The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice was reacting to last week’s fight between one its members and a Saudi husband, who was maddened by the man’s orders to his wife to cover up her face, the Saudi Arabic language daily Alwatan reported on Sunday.

Police are still investigating the incident, in which the husband was stabbed in the back during the fight in the southern province of Hael.

The Commission members have orders to tell any women in public to cover up her face if they find that her eyes are seditious,” the paper said, quoting Sheikh Mutlaq Al Nabit, a Commission spokesman in Hael.

Women in Saudi Arabia, one of the most conservative Muslim nations, must veil their faces in public but some of them uncover their eyes.

Nabit did not explain how the Commission members determine that a woman’s eyes are seditious.

via Women with “seditious” eyes must cover up – Emirates24|7.

My goodness. As you see they even don’t know what are seditious eyes, imagine the lack of security for normal citizens…

US: Minorities abused in Pakistan

Asia Bibi: Pope appeals for “full freedom”The US on Thursday expressed concern over the discrimination against minorities in Pakistan, saying serious problems remain with regard to religious freedom in the country.

There have been attacks against Christians, against the Ahmadis. There’s still discriminatory laws on the books, blasphemy laws, anti-Ahmadi laws. We’re raising these issues with the government of Pakistan,” said Michael Posner, the Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labour.

The annual US State Department Report on Global Religious Freedom, which was released by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton yesterday, said “organised violence against minorities have increased” in Pakistan.

Organised violence against minorities increased; for example, there was violence against Christians in Gojra, Punjab, and a terrorist attack on Ahmadis in Lahore, Punjab,” it said, adding “There were instances in which law enforcement personnel abused religious minorities in custody“.

via Minorities abused in Pakistan as no religious freedom: US.

Yes, and then there is Asia Bibi (here, here and here), condemned to death by hanging for “blaspheming” against Mohammed…

UK: Honor killing in Eid’s night

A husband was remanded in custody under the Mental Health Act today after a pretty young woman was knifed to death in a car in what was believed to be a violent family argument.

Police confirmed that the victim and the two men arrested were all Asian and known to each other.

Neighbours identified them as the Baig family and said that they had been celebrating Eid, the Muslim equivalent of Christmas, last night when the killing happened.

The alarm was raised when ambulance controllers and police received a 999 call from the family home in, Crawley, West Sussex.

Two paramedic rapid response cars and an ambulance were sent to the scene but there was nothing the medics could do to save the woman who had been stabbed to death.

via UK: ‘Pretty young woman knifed to death after celebration equivalent to Christmas’ — Winds Of Jihad By SheikYerMami.

Did he though his wife was this cow?

What faces!! 😯