Australia: woman to appeal jailing over burqa incident

An Australian Muslim said Friday she would appeal the six-month jail sentence handed to her for falsely accusing a Sydney police officer of trying to pull off her burqa to verify that she held a driving licence.

… In video evidence presented to the court, Matthews called the officer a racist for asking her to show her face to see if it matched that in the photograph on her driving licence.

‘You look at me and see me wearing this and you couldn’t handle it,’ Matthews said. ‘All cops are racist.’

via Australian woman to appeal jailing over burqa incident – Monsters and Critics.

More commentary here. She has been jailed for 6 months over the incident.

Wow, gorgeous. So  now, asking to verify your identity is racist?

This is the type of case that convince me even more that banning burqas is necessary. If you want to wear it, go to Afghanistan. I’m told the living standards don’t match Australian/Western ones, but what the hell? You will be able to live in a non-racist society where you can wear the burqa and not being asked to verify your identity! With other minor details, like the Talibans next door…



5 comments on “Australia: woman to appeal jailing over burqa incident

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  2. Kate Sargnson says:

    I just saw this video and this woman should not be allowed to appeal on any grounds. The ridiculous defence offered that they could not identify that it really was her because her face was
    covered is a joke. That is precisely why all western countries should be banning the wearing of burquas. And if you don’t like it stay in your Muslim country or go live in one so your precious religious rights can be preserved. In the western world we do not hide our faces unless we are criminals which is exactly what this bigoted woman was and is.

  3. Ellne says:

    I agree with Kate Sargnsos. Are they only wering the Burqa just to flaunt our laws? God forbid (and I mean GOD) if we were in their country and flaunted their laws, we would no longer be walking on this earth.

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