Austria: Turkish ambassador in Vienna sparks diplomatic row

Diplomatic tensions have flared up between Austria and Turkey after the Turkish ambassador in Vienna publically criticized Austria’s stance towards integrating Muslims. The Austrian chancellor is said to be “outraged.”

Austria has protested to Turkey after the Turkish ambassador suggested Turks living in Austria were treated “like a virus” and were denied the chance to integrate.

Ambassdor Kadri Ecved Tezcan also told Die Presse daily newspaper in an interview published on Wednesday that Austrian politicians were not doing enough to counter the rise of the far-right movement.

The row erupted in the wake of elections in the Austrian capital Vienna in October, when the far-right Freedom Party won 26 percent of the vote on a xenophobic and anti-Muslim platform.

via Turkish ambassador in Vienna sparks diplomatic row | Europe | Deutsche Welle | 10.11.2010.

So, is he going to apologize for the appalling mistreatment of non-Muslims in Turkey? I don’t think so, do you? 😩

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