Turkmenistan: Appeal denied for Ilmurad Nurliev, Pentecostal pastor convicted by false evidence

Speaking about religious freedom:

A sentence of 4 years in jail on false evidence for pastor Ilmurad Nurliev, in a court sentence that has been “hidden” to prevent an appeal. Fears are mounting that he will be sent to a labour camp known for its use of psychotropic substances on inmates. His wife Maya Nurlieva launches an appeal to denounce the persecution against Nurliev Light to the World Pentecostal Church, which the state has repeatedly refused to register. In the country unregistered religious groups can not hold activities, or even meet to pray.The woman told Forum 18 that the court refused to give her a copy of the ruling issued on October 21, needed for an appeal to be lodged within 10 days, saying it would only be given to her husband, by court order of Judge Agajan Akjaev . Not even his lawyer has been given access to the written sentence.

Thus it has not been possible to appeal against the sentence to four years in prison for aggravated fraud, a charged based solely on very dubious testimonies of people who say they entrusted money to him. One of the witnesses, Aybolek Akmuradovna Gurbanov claimed to have given Nurliev money on January 1, 2010, but F18 found that on that date he was in prison on a previous conviction.

The trial was held behind closed doors, not even a single representative of the U.S. Embassy was allowed to attend.

The pastor is in jail since Aug. 27. The ruling also ordered that he be submitted to “forced medical treatment” like that of a drug addict, despite medical tests performed on October 5 showing that he does not need it. The fear is that he and Jehovah’s Witness Ahmet Hudaybergenov, also convicted, will be sent to Seydi labour camp, where there is evidence of torture against Baptist Christians and Jehovah’s Witnesses prisoners with psychotropic drugs.

via TURKMENISTAN Appeal denied for Ilmurad Nurliev, Pentecostal pastor convicted by false evidence – Asia News.


3 comments on “Turkmenistan: Appeal denied for Ilmurad Nurliev, Pentecostal pastor convicted by false evidence

  1. chris peper says:

    The forced “medical treatment” also takes place in the United States in regards to sexual offenders who feel that their attraction to the youth is normal but society does not agree. Using the medical profession in law enforcement is certainly not new and continues to be a problem in this modern age. After living with and being controlled by a Jehovah’s Witness member in 2004 I can say that this organization should follow the United Nations law against harmful religious practices. There are thousands of people and organizations all over the net that have reported on the abuses within this faith but the mainstream media will not touch this issue.

    • Claudia says:

      Are you really suggesting that a sexual offender is the same as a Christian pastor? I really hope not, because they aren’t.
      I’m sorry for that treatment you got from Yehovah’s Witnesses. I have not had any relationship with them at all, although some countries have them labelled as sect, if I’m not mistaken.

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