Asia Bibi: Pope appeals for “full freedom”

Asia Bibi

An appeal for the restitution of “full freedom” to Asia Bibi was launched today by Benedict XVI, at the end of the general audience. He noted that “the international community is following with great concern the difficult situation of Christians in Pakistan, often victims of violence or discrimination.” The Pope expressed his “spiritual closeness” to Asia Bibi and her family and called for the liberation of women. “I pray – he concluded – for those who are in similar situations that their human dignity and their fundamental rights be fully respected.”

via VATICAN Pope appeals for “full freedom for Asia Bibi” – Asia News.

Asia Bibi, her lawyer has told, was offered by the same judge who has condemned her, to walk free if she converted to Islam. She answered: “I prefer to die as a Christian than to live as a Muslim“. See? This is a true martyr and not the people that commit suicide to kill others. 🙄

Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy
Pakistan: Your signature to save Asia Bibi and Pakistan.

7 comments on “Asia Bibi: Pope appeals for “full freedom”

  1. Mirna says:

    God is love… and killinq Asia isn’t what God wants for her.

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