France: another Catholic church, attacked

After the Carcassonne’s attack, an scalade of vandalism has targeted the Church of St. John in Avignon.

Wednesday, Church of St. John. Father Gabriel, the parish priest, speaks to the press, almost in desperation. For several months, his church has been the target of obscene and offensive tags, excrement-throwing … And last week, the cypresses adjacent to the religious building were set on fire, threatening to spread the flames to church. For this priest, “these acts have a direct link with what is happening in Iraq where Christians were attacked.” At the outset, Father Gabriel talks about inter-community tensions and denounced a “climate of increasingly aggressive and violent maintained by a small group of young people 12/13 years up to 16 years.” At first, Father Gabriel was believed to “incivility” of unemployed youth in the neighborhood. Nonsense of teenagers in need of provocation.Then a few days before the fire of cypress, a youth entered the church during mass, urinating on the porch with while shouting this terrible sentence, “We’ll toast you all, you and your church.” The parish priest complained to the police on Nov. 9.

How the set of facts as serious attacks against places of worship, could pass so unnoticed by authorities? At the town hall, the chief of staff pleads “shocked and stunned.” “We learned the facts by the press this morning himself“, the mayor’s office acknowledges. Stunned by the facts themselves, but also by the lack of relay and the lack of feedback from the neighborhood to the town hall … “We have traced all the letters received by City Hall in recent months, nothing on the Church of St. John. ”

Another reason for astonishment, that the archdiocese did not call directly to the mayor to report these acts classified as “intolerable“.

Acts which, for some residents of Saint John, would be the face of the iceberg deploring a “religious proselytizing.” Inter-community tension must be taken into account by the archdiocese and the representative of Muslim worship. Locally, we learned tonight that Father Gabriel will have an 8 am town hall on Monday 30, his schedule did not allow him to go before. “We’ll set up a working group composed of national police and municipal technical services but also of the city to respond as quickly as possible in this situation,” concluded the chief of staff.

Having failed to reach the Archbishop’s palace tonight, we will, hopefully, learn his position tomorrow.


Dhimmi/Catholic/non-Muslimphobia in action.

USA: Oklahoma’s Shari’a Ban and CAIR’s Risky Response

This is an update of this story:

CAIR’s efforts are brimming with contradiction. The group and its allies repeatedly insist that the amendment is pointless because, they say, there is no chance of Islamic law coming to the U.S. Yet “why bother to go to the trouble and expense of filing suit against an absurd, unnecessary measure? After all, a law against a non-existent threat may be silly, but if there is no need for the law in the first place, there is no need to sue to overturn it,” as Robert Spencer writes.Adding to the irony is that past statements from CAIR’s own leaders have expressed a yearning for Islamic rule. “I wouldn’t want to create the impression that I wouldn’t like the government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future,” CAIR’s Ibrahim Hooper said in 1993. Similarly supremacist words have been attributed to CAIR founder Omar Ahmad.

CAIR’s position also may be counterproductive to its long-term goals. First, while peddling the “Islamophobia” meme by emphasizing hate crimes can tug on heartstrings, implicitly labeling the vast majority of voters as bigots alienates the public. Second, by taking an anti-anti-Shari’a stance, CAIR validates widespread fears about the group’s intentions and hands critics a club with which to beat it — an opportunity quickly seized by anti-Islamist Muslim Zuhdi Jasser, who accused CAIR of not supporting the separation of mosque and state.

Further, by launching a legal challenge that could drag on indefinitely, CAIR guarantees that Shari’a will garner far more news coverage than it otherwise would, with each story educating people about Islamic law and bringing unwanted attention to the stealth jihad.

via Oklahoma’s Shari’a Ban and CAIR’s Risky Response :: Islamist Watch.

PAKISTAN: Your signature to save Asia Bibi and Pakistan

At our reader’s request, AsiaNews has decided to launch an international petition to be sent to President Asif Zardari to save the life of Asia Bibi, who was sentenced to hanging for blasphemy. AsiaNews is also asking President Zardari to cancel or change the unjust blasphemy law, which kills many innocent victims and destroys coexistence in the country. We are asking you o support this initiative by sending a message to the following email:

salviamoasiabibi at asianews dot it

Or you can send a message directly to the Pakistani President:

publicmail at president dot gov dot pk

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The letter can be like this one:

Dear Sir:

I’m aware of the sentence condemning Christian woman Asia Bibi to death by hanging after she allegedly blasphemed against the prophet. Considering that she is not a Muslim, that the sentence constitute an abuse of Human Rights and that she is the mother of three minors, I ask you to free her.

I also ask you to repeal the “Blasphemy Law” that kills  peaceful people who contribute so much to society, just because their beliefs are different from the rest.


Background: Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy.

Afghanistan: Former Muslim May Get Death Penalty for Conversion

Is this what we are in Afghanistan for?

Sayed Mossa, an Afghan convert from Islam to Christianity, has been scheduled to stand trial today and most likely will be sentenced to death.  His trial for apostasy will probably be televised in the war-torn country, and it appears Mossa may not even have adequate representation.  Every lawyer, all Muslims, that has been appointed by the courts to represent Mossa have refused.  They dare not defend someone who converted to Christianity.Mossa is a 45 year old, married, father of six children.  His youngest is 8 and he has one disabled child.  Mossa is an amputee and has spent 15 years of his life helping others with the International Red Cross.  However a co-worker turned Mossa in for being a Christian convert – a crime in most Muslim nations practicing Sharia law.

In October Mossa gave a letter to a Western visitor so others may hear his story.   Mossa said he has been imprisoned since May “due to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, saviour of the world.”  He went on to describe much of what he has gone through while in prison.

They did sexual things with me, beat me by wood, by hands, by legs, mocked me (“he’s Jesus Christ”), [spit] on me. No body let me for sleep night and day.” – Mossa

The government appears to have been promoting such ill treatment.  Many outside observers wonder how the courts could condemn Mossa considering some of the country’s commitments in UN statements and their own Constitution.  The Karzai government is a signatory of the UN Declaration on Human Rights.  That document calls for freedom of religion and equal access to “a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal.” It also states that “no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment.”

via NewsReal Sunday: Afghani Former Muslim May Get Death Penalty for Conversion | NewsReal Blog.

So, anyone who protests because of GITMO is going to protest too because of actual torture being inflicted on this good man? No, I guess NOT. 😈

And he is not the first one: Abdul Rahman was also accused of apostasy, but the trial was suspended. He was considered as “insane” and now he lives in Italy.