Yemen: tribal leaders will not hand over al-Qaeda operatives

This is hardly a surprise. They are the leaders of a tribe, so if you belong to it, you’ll be protected, whatever you have done, against people from other tribes…

In a severe blow to international demands for Yemen to do more to curb terrorism, sheikhs from the al-Qaeda heartlands in the country’s central provinces have told The Daily Telegraph that they would not turn in members of their tribes. The government of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, they said, had not done enough to bring development to their impoverished regions, making them fertile breeding grounds for disaffected radicals.

There’s no discussion with the government, nothing,” said Sheikh Ahmed Shuraif, leader of the Bani Dhabyan, one of Yemen’s most important tribes. He holds sway in parts of Marib, to the east of the capital Sana’a, a hotbed of al-Qaeda-led unrest. “What al-Qaeda are doing is very bad and against Islam. If we had someone from al-Qaeda we would not accept him but we would not give him to the government either.”

via Yemen tribal leaders will not hand over al-Qaeda operatives – Telegraph.

So, his “tribe” is located in one of the “hotbeds of AQ-led unrest”. And he dares to say that “if he had some AQ operative he wouldn’t accept him”! Yeah, sure. 🙄


3 comments on “Yemen: tribal leaders will not hand over al-Qaeda operatives

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  2. These tribal leaders are not stupid:
    The central government of Yemen is far away. The US are even farther away. And even if they will show up, they won’t stay forever.
    The tribe and Al-Qaeda will stick around. Therefore much smarter to appease them, from the tribe’s point of view.

    • Claudia says:

      No, of course not. But this proves that Yemeni Govt has very little power on its own soil. Something which should be taken into account when making agreements regarding fugitives…

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