UK: While “Muslims Against Crusades” insult military, converts to Christianity face persecution

Yesterday, it was Remebrance Day in the UK, the day when British people remember their troops, specially those killed or wounded in combat. But Muslims Against Crusades didn’t want to honor British troops, rather the opposite:



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9 comments on “UK: While “Muslims Against Crusades” insult military, converts to Christianity face persecution

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  2. claire says:

    oh gods, this is disturbing, they have obviously NO clue what rememberence day is all about and are spitting on it without understanding. they say British troops do all these things, but i know for a fact THERES do, my cousin was held and tortured by a muslim group while on tour in the middle east, yet i do not hold the whole of Islam and all its followers responsible for that henus act. i do not defame them in any way, i respect there rights to pray and live as they choose too, but i fail to see why MY rights and my feelings are less important than theres. i cant understand why they continue to live under an regime they hate so deeply, why dont they return to the homelands tey love so much and leave us to ours which we love!

  3. Claudia says:

    Firstly,I’m really sorry for your cousin.

    i cant understand why they continue to live under an regime they hate so deeply, why dont they return to the homelands tey love so much and leave us to ours which we love!

    They continue to live because they want to convert us into their religion. These extremists think that they should convince us, by whatever means, to follow Allah. And they also believe that Allah has commanded them to do that.
    I know, it sounds crazy. I don’t know if you have heard about Anjem Choudary. It’s rumoured that he is behind Muslims Against Crusades group. Just search here in the blog for his name and also go to Youtube and watch some of his videos. He thinks Islam is morally superior, so he wants to overthrow Western democracies and substitute them with Islamic regimes, he lives on welfare and he has acknowledged on TV he is suporting jihadists. He has called to behead the Pope and wants to see Buckingham Palace turned into a mosque and the White House with an Islamic flag at the top.
    If he doesn’t have anything to do with this group (something very unprobable), his ideas are very similar to the ones supported by these assholes. In fact, he even took part in the demonstration that MAC held to call “slave of Satan” to the Pope in London.

  4. David Woolmer says:

    Despite action against them and threats of death and torture there are many,many Muslims apostasising(leaving)Islam. It is no wonder. The founder of a religion is expected to be a man of impeccable manners and morals far greater than anyone living in his time. However, many Muslims find out in time what a truly horrible man Muhammad,Islam’s inventor, really was. According to well-known historians of his day the so-called Prophet was a rapist, a murderer who killed entire tribes by cutting off their heads himself, he was a paedophile, a liar, he stole money from those he captured and took their wives as his concubines he was an assassin and lived just like a Mafia gangster. He had no moral judgment and as a narcissist he ranked with Hitler.Stalin and Saddam Hussein.

    In the website of The Apostates of Islam there is a judgment of this false faith saying that “Islam is a hoax,it is the hallucination of a sick and twisted mind and nothing but lies and deceits”

    • Claudia says:

      I imagine that those great number of Muslims apostatizing from Islam (I would like to know their exact or approximate number) is what make extremists encourage this kind of behaviour against them. Whatever our personal idea and/or experience about Islam, the best thing that can happen is that those people who have had these experiences speak about them. Firstly, because more people would recognise what they are suffering and being conforted, but secondly, because of the bad publicity this gets to the responsibles of that violence.
      We’ll see how this evolves.

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  6. Finious says:

    (We) The US wants oil and economic interests of its big giant multinational corporations secured. It can sacrifice everything on the alter of these interests. The struggle of domination over the world oil resources was going on for decades; however, after September 11, it became more known and apparent.

    • Claudia says:

      Yeah, of course, those bad Americans and their oil need. So do you use a car? Do you use air conditioner or heater in the winter? Are you using a computer? So, are you a “bad American” searching for resources or not?
      About slavery: do you know that today there are slaves in some Arab countries, such as Saudi Arabia, where they import Black people from Africa or South Asians to perform duties they consider “degrading” such as cleaning or other housework without paying them? If you want I can post here some links (there are too in other posts in this blog). Do you know that eminent Saudi scholars have called for reintroducing slavery because “it’s in the Qu’ran“? I don’t care what happened in the past, I care what’s happening NOW, because we can’t save people killed 200 or 500 years ago, but we can save the people being killed or maimed now.

  7. David Woolmer says:

    There is no doubt that so-called Christians committed many horrible acts in Christ’s name. e.g the Crusades,the Inquisition and the Court of Star Chamber. However, almost all of such crimes disappeared during the Reformation when people were constantly reminded that to commit such acts damaged Christ and his teaching.
    Islam by contrast has actually INCREASED its barbaric ways. Sunnis have killed literally MILLIONS of Shiites-and vice versa- over 14 centuries. Very recently Sunnis have celebrated Ashura when in AD680 a Shia leader was killed in a battle against the Sunnis led by their imam.

    How stupid can any so-called religion get?? I will tell you. Al-Sina the famous Muslim apostate who was forced to flee from Iran and settled in Canada said “Islam will become history once the sheer stupidity of it forces anyone with even a modicum of intelligence to reject it or defend it”

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