Russian Reporter Oleg Kashin Beaten Into Coma

Just two days after a security camera caught two men beating journalist Oleg Kashin unconscious on a Moscow street, a second reporter who wrote about a controversial road proposed for a beloved Moscow forest has suffered a concussion at the hands of unknown assailants.

Kashin is in a medically induced coma in a Moscow hospital after a weekend assault that left him with a severed finger, a broken leg and fractured jaws. Video from a closed circuit camera of two men holding Kashin down and beating him with an iron bar that had been hidden in a bouquet of flowers has appeared on a Russian web site and state television. The attack lasted a minute and a half.

I hope that he can work again,” Kashin’s father Vladimir told ABC News. “I hope that he can survive.”

I don’t know why exactly he was attacked,” said fellow journalist Yvgenia Albats, an investigative reporter and editor-in-chief of the magazine New Times. “I know for sure that he was attacked because of his work.”

Kashin has reported on many controversial topics, including political youth groups, but speculation about the cause for the assault centers on Kashin’s coverage of the Khimki road project, a proposed multi-billion dollar highway through the heart of a “green belt” birch forest on the city’s outskirts. Logging for the road began in July, but after fierce public protest construction was temporarily suspended by Russian president Dmitry Medvedev. Kashin, who works for the prominent business newspaper Kommersant, had written about a July protest against the road, conducting an interview with a blogger who said he had led an attack on a government building in Khimki.

Backers of the project stand to lose a huge investment if the highway is scrapped. The project is supported by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, and after one of Kashin’s articles on Khimki, the pro-Kremlin youth group Young Guard posted a piece online with the headline “Journalist Betrayers Must Be Punished” as well as a picture of Kashin with the label “Will Be Punished.” Young Guard has denied involvement in the attack on Kashin and condemned it.

via Russian Reporter Oleg Kashin Beaten Into Coma – ABC News.

The limits of freedom of expression should be attacking other people’s lifes. You can’t call for “punishments” of “journalist betrayers”, because they are investigating something you don’t like anyone to investigate, and then, when something like that, has happened, take the unhappy mask and condemn it. I’m sure they are really happy after this: even his father doesn’t know if the journalist will survive. So it’s probable that he won’t be able to work either.


8 comments on “Russian Reporter Oleg Kashin Beaten Into Coma

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  2. Pav says:

    Only a man totally not knowing who the Kashin be sorry for him.
    All this hysteria around this anti-Semite, just ridiculous.
    When in 2006 the Israeli soldiers were fighting in Lebanon, this Kashin likened Jews to Nazis and terrorists with victims at Auschwitz.
    There is a God! Yes!
    Here is his quote:
    No anti-Semitism is not to say today: Auschwitz – separately, and the bombing of Beirut – separately, and no Holocaust does not give Israel the right to parents bring their children to military bases to paint shells mocking slogans. Children, hell, we must cultivate hatred for war and not bloodlust (references to Soviet children, collecting shells at the plants and write to them, “To Berlin” – does not count, and those ten-and twelve-people who stood at their machines for 12 hours, were not kids – they already knew the value of life and death, and compare them with the girls from Haifa at least unseemly) – and only a moral monster, which, of course, lacking in any belligerent country, do not understand that, in general, is a simple thing … No Holocaust does not give Israel the right to present to behave with their neighbors so as not led to a similar situation in any country in the world.

    So I do not regret it. Anti-Semite, got what he deserved.

    • Claudia says:

      Do you have a link to that quote? You’re accusing someone of being an anti-Semite (for me a Judeophobe) and that’s a very serious charge. As you can imagine, your opinion is important but the facts have to be proved with more than your words.

      Now, in case that he is really a Judeophobe, he wasn’t beaten because of that. He was beaten because of his work investigating something which smells like corruption.

      In any case, I don’t think Judeophobia is cured by beaten people till they are near death, but by education and other means (denouncing MSM bias and stereotyoing).

      Lastly, I’m not sure that pro-Kremlin Young Guard attacked him in their website because of Judeophobia but because strictly internal Russian affairs.

  3. Claudia says:

    I understand, Pav. Thanks for the information.

    Anyway, it’s curious he wrote about “Gulag’s repressive authorities” and on the other side, doesn’t understand Israeli fight with repressive and totalitarian neighbours. 😯

    • Pav says:

      Thank you Claudia.
      I’m very bad speak English.
      Russian is my native language and I can see in the text hidden mockery, sarcasm, meanness, I just feel it.
      In the Soviet Union was a very popular movie where teenagers are fighting the enemies of the Bolsheviks. It was made in the style of westerns. He is still so popular Juniors in the movie were 16 – 17 years
      He compares them with the Jewish children who help their parents to fight against terror
      How can you compare it?
      He compares them with the Jewish children who help their parents to fight against terror
      How can you compare it?
      You see, when there was war in Lebanon, Russia fully supported terrorists, helped evacuate more than that of Arab children, while their papa and mamma shelling Israel. But the interesting thing is that in Israel,
      But the interesting thing is that in Israel lives a few hundred thousand citizens of Russia, if not more.
      And yet, you probably know, Russia supplied arms to terrorists, these weapons that they killed Jews, killing of Russian citizens, killed children, Jewish children. Though the constitution Russia must protect its citizens anywhere in the world.
      And yet the whole country, all of Russia was concerned about the fate of the Arabs during this voynynikto not say in Russia, a good word about Israel and the journalists are no exception, they were ahead of accusing Israel of all mortal sins. And Cashin one of them.
      They all cared not just for Jews, but to spit on our own citizens and Kashin’s paper, which I have brought about the same. “Blame the Jews”
      So I do not feel sorry for him, let him recover, but I do not regret it.

      • Claudia says:

        Don’t worry about your English. I’m not an English native speaker either.
        Yes, yes, I understand you. Basically Russian Govt, instead of defending their own citizens, didn’t give a damn about what happened to them while they were selling weapons to the same people (or their supporters, just the same) used in killing those same citizens. Just because they were Jewish. But then they were worried about Arabs’ fate, just the same that happens now with Kashin.
        This happens all over the world, Pav, not only in Russia. 😦

  4. Claudia says:

    Hello, Pav, I have found this post in Sean’s Russia Blog, a leading English-speaking blog about Russia. I would like you to comment it for me, if it’s possible.
    Thanks in advance.

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