Erdogan: Israel must apologize

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan called again on Wednesday for Israel to apologize and pay compensation to his country for its May 31 raid of a Gaza-bound flotilla, in which nine Turkish citizens were killed.

Asked by the France 24 television channel of a possible reconciliation between Israeli and Turkey, Erdogan replied that “Israel should apologize and pay compensation; then we can begin to negotiate“.

Israel is responsible for the current state of Turkish-Israeli relations,” he said. “How can we forget the air and sea attacks against Turkish-flagged ship carrying passengers around the world seeking to help other people?

via Erdogan: Israel must apologize – Israel News, Ynetnews.

What should Israel apologize for? Because there are some stricking photos about people “travelling” in the “flotilla” line that some people didn’t want us to see:

Turkish asshole activist with Islamic Jihad terrorists

One of them, for example, dressed in a military uniform and well armed, harangues Al-Quds Bataillons, armed wing of Islamic Jihad: “I am proud of being here with you who are sacrificing so much in favour of the Muslim nation. Turkish people, the Arabs and worldwide Muslims are praying for your victory. You are the first front of the fight against Zionists“.

This happened just after the flotilla Viva Palestina 5 docked in the Egyptian port of Al-Arish. Palestinian Jihad erased the photos after they had uploaded them on their webpage.

Yeah, now we see how they were “trying to help other people”… 😯


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