Italy: Police arrest 16 terror suspects in Naples

They were not only terror suporters but they also trafficked with illegal immigrants. Two of them are Italians.

Police in the southern Italian city of Naples on Tuesday arrested 16 people, mainly North Africans, who are suspected of having links to a terrorist cell. Two Italians were among the suspects, sources told Adnkronos. The suspects allegedly provided logistical support to terrorism by abetting illegal immigration, forging and trafficking false documents and counterfeiting bank notes.

The organised forging documents that abetted illegal immigration made it highly likely that the suspects helped subversive elements,” the source said.

One of the two Italians arrested was ‘specialised‘ in forgery, police said. Most of the arrested North Africans were Algerians, Tunisians and Moroccans, according to police.

The arrests were made during a counter-terrorism operation, code named ‘Matmata, carried out by paramilitary Carabinieri police. Police recovered forged driving licences, identity cards and official stamps during raids on dozens of properties.

via Eye On The World: Italy: Police arrest 16 Muslim terror suspects in Naples.


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