Save Rizana Nafeek! (UPD)

UPD: Rizana is 17-years-old.

Rizana was charged with strangling the 4-month-old child of the family for whom she worked as a housemaid in Saudi Arabia. She had recently started working for the family when the baby died through no fault of Rizana’s.

via Save Rizana Nafeek.

She was born to a poor Muslim family from Sri Lanka.

On June 26th 2007, she was sentenced to death by beheading. More information on the link above. After some appeals, the sentence to beheading was confirmed on Oct. 26th, 2010.

Neither the prison authorities nor the social worker informed Rizana of the final verdict and when the Sri Lankan Embassy in Saudi was contacted by an international press agency after the death sentence had been confirmed, they apparently stated that the case was still pending. It appears the Ministry of External Affairs and the officers of the Embassy in Riyadh had kept the confirmation of the death sentence quiet. Even her family had not been informed.

Sharia Law in action.

In the link you can sign the petition and write his royal highness king Abdullah, seeking her pardon. Yes, it sounds backwards. And yes, it is.


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